1W -145 Lumens per Watt 2835 SMD LED From LEDChip

    LEDChip Indus now releases Global Standard per LED with Highest Efficiency of 145Lm /Watt new packages, high-performance Power LED KLSL2835W  1Watt 150mA  LEDs in  145Lumens output that delivers exceptional brightness thanks to the specially designed lead frame profile and improved heat dissipation of the device.

    2835W SMD POWER LEDs Packages are the world’s LOWEST PRICED LED types for a given wattage; lower than the 5630/5730 SMD LEDs.

    LEDChip LM80 tested compliant LEDs across the full range of Power LEDs. LEDChip’s High Power LEDs KLHP3535W, KLHP331WE 1Watt KLHP3433WE 3Watt  Medium Power KLSL5630&2835W 2835W 1w 145LPW and KLSL3030W 150Lm KLSL3030W 2Watt 220Lm KLSL3030WZ80 120-140Lm 150mA  ZENER Protection   Low Power 3014 & 3528 LEDs Now enable you to bid for all BEE, Government Tenders & BIS based LED indents.

    LEDChip’s surface-mount POWER SMD LED family of 2835W, 2835W145Lm 3030W 2Watt 220Lm 3030W 150LPW 5630W & 3030W, KLSL3030W 2Watt are now a de-facto Industry Standards. The wide choice of LEDChip Indus  KLHP3535W350mA, KLSL5630W150mA, KLSL2835150mA KSLS2835W 1Watt 18V 30mA KLSL2835W60mA, KLSL3030w 2watt KLSL3030WZ80 KLSL3014W30mA & KLSL3228W20mA together can meet every possible design requirement, be it street lights, tube lights,  retrofit Bulbs, panel lights, high bay lights, flood lights, down lights. Due to HUGE COST ADVANTAGE of LEDChip SMD LEDs, even streetlights are being lit with these POWER LEDs.

    LEDChip Indus Has setup Ultra modern Fully Automatic LED Plant with a Billion Manufacturing Capacity     is India’s largest manufacturer of Power LEDs

    LEDChip Indus LEDs are High reliability, high brightness, low power consumption and full-colour range.

    With a strong R&D department in place, the company has more new products in the pipeline for release.

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