1EDC Compact family qualifies for UL 1577 certificate, rugged and fast driver

    Infineon Technologies AG now offers the EiceDRIVER 1EDC Compact 300 mil family of single channel gate driver ICs. With an insulation test voltage of VISO = 2500 V(rms) for 60 sec these galvanically isolated drivers are recognized under UL 1577. Due to their high switching frequency of up to 1,000 kHz they do not only drive IGBTs, but can also be integrated in demanding SiC MOSFET topologies. A wide variety of applications profits from these characteristics, e.g. photovoltaic string inverters, uninterruptable power supply, EV charging stations, industrial drives, welding equipment, and CAVs.

    The 1EDC Compact family provides a 300 mil wide body package for an increased creepage distance of 8 mm leading to the UL1577 acknowledged insulation. Furthermore, the driver ICs feature improved thermal behavior and can drive power devices with up to 40 V output voltage. They are marked by a well-matched propagation delay of 120 ns (typical, max 150 ns). Based on Infineon’s 1200 V coreless transformer technology, the gate drivers enable a world class common mode transient immunity great than 100 kV/μs. Additionally, the1EDC Compact can provide current drive strengths of up to 10 A on separate output pins for sourcing and sinking.


    The EiceDRIVER 1EDC Compact 300 mil is in production. The functional isolated EiceDRIVER 1EDI Compact 150 mil and 300 mil families are also available and might be preferred for applications where UL certification is not required. More information is available at

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