element14 launches NXP Freedom K82F development board for secure applications


    Dev board for rapid development of scalable, secure, low-power applications

    Bangalore – 11 February 2016  – element14 has added the newest NXP Freedom development board, FRDM-K82F, to its family of Freedom development boards for the Kinetis K82, K81, and K80 MCU series of high-performance, low-power, security-enabled microcontrollers built on the ARM Cortex-M4 core.

    Building upon the Kinetis family of microcontrollers, the K8x series are designed for secure applications, with advanced security capabilities including boot ROM to support encrypted firmware updates, automatic decryption from external serial NOR flash memory, hardware AES acceleration built with side band attack protection, and hardware support for Public Key Cryptography. These advanced features are implemented while maintaining a high level of compatibility with previous Kinetis MCUs.

    With the addition of the FRDM-K82F development board, element14 expands our portfolio of embedded solutions for applications requiring scalability and advanced security, including point-of-sale and IoT-enabled devices. Additionally, NXP has designed this development board to provide great flexibility by including a range of expansion options, including Arduino R3 compatible pin layout, FlexIO header, sufficient footprint to include optional Bluetooth and RF expansion modules, as well as a broad range of other expansion board options.

    FRDM-K82-800x480-BD (1)

    Other features include :

    • maximum operation frequency of 150 MHz, 256 KB of flash, 256 KB RAM
    • a full-speed USB controller with available crystal-less operation
    • onboard six-axis digital accelerometer and magnetometer
    • RGB LED
    • OpenSDAv2.1, the Freescale mbed™ HDK-compatible open-source hardware embedded serial and debug adapter
    • can be used to evaluate the K80, K81, and K82 Kinetis K series devices

    The extensive portfolio of technology products at element14 includes the largest range of development kits available globally from one single source; the element14 Design Center is a new resource for engineers that offers the most comprehensive range of development tool information alongside product details and supporting material.

    The NXP FRDM-K82F development board is available from element14 in Asia-Pacific (S$68.82); details available at

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