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    14th Guangzhou Electrical Building Technology concluded with resounding success

    The 14th edition of Guangzhou Electrical Building Technology (GEBT) ended on a positive note. The four-day fair, held from 9 – 12 June at the China Import and Export Fair Complex in Guangzhou, once again received overwhelming industry acclaim. Running concurrently with the Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition, the show hosted 185 exhibitors and welcomed 156,898 visitors from 134 countries and regions, representing an 8% increase from last year.

    Ms Lucia Wong, Deputy General Manager of Messe Frankfurt (Shanghai) Co Ltd, commented: “The show concluded with resounding success. I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all the industry players for their support over the past 14 years. GEBT strives to keep abreast with the continuously evolving market when staging the latest building electrical, intelligent building and smart home solutions. The fair attendees were rewarded with exceptional opportunities to expand their market reach. A series of interactive forums and seminars delivered business insights and fostered mutual exchanges of expertise. This reaffirms the fair’s significance as a must-attend event in Southern China to tap into profitable opportunities.”

    Unrelenting innovation fulfils sourcing demands

    In response to the changing landscape of the industry, GEBT facilitates the development of international standards and enhances communication and integration among different systems. The show gathers notable intelligent building and smart home organisations to unveil a collection of exciting new technologies.

    Founded over 10 years ago, zigbee alliance focuses on developing low-power, low data rate wireless standards for smart homes. It is the fifth time that zigbee alliance has organised a seminar at GEBT. Dr Wilma Su, Chair, zigbee Member Group China, expressed: “A lot of smart home manufacturers have adopted zigbee technology. Most of them are the target clients of upstream industries. The show drew interest from a considerable number of professional visitors from various disciplines, including but not limited to product development, marketing and distribution. GEBT has become a part of our annual budget plan.”

    Being a sixth-time exhibitor, EnOcean Alliance specialises in intelligent building, smart home, wireless sensors and switches. Mr Graham Martin, Chairman & CEO of the EnOcean Alliance acknowledged the importance of the show: “This year, we introduced a new concept called ‘cognitive buildings’, also known as ‘self-learning buildings’. GEBT is a great trade show in which we have participated for the past six years. This year the visitor flow was once again very satisfying. The fair is important to the smart home, lighting and commercial building industry. I believe sensors and cloud solutions will play an important role in the future.”

    Besides the satisfaction expressed by well-known overseas wireless standards organisations, Mr Ben Young, Marketing Manager of HDL Automation Co Ltd, also shared the same sentiment. “The new intelligent switches and dimmers that we displayed can better utilise the space within public buildings. Another spotlight is Apple’s HomeKit. Visitors can control the devices by using the Home app on their iPhone thereby enhancing the user experience. We met with many potential clients including system distributors, engineers and real estate developers among many others. The fair has grown to become a professional smart home and intelligent building event in China.”

    First time exhibitor, Shenzhen Power2control Smart Tech Co Ltd displayed its Super Switch at GEBT. Mr Haven Li, General Manager, was impressed with the outcome of the show: “We made use of P2C to connect all switches with power lines. The Super Switch inherits the advantages of traditional switches and takes a big step towards intelligent solutions. The development of the smart home industry is beyond my expectations. GEBT has established itself as one of the most influential platforms in the industry.”

    Concurrent events facilitate exchange of market intelligence

    Hot topics of the concurrent events included overseas intelligent building and smart home standards, smart home development, smart hotel technologies, intelligent real estate technologies, smart city and smart community among others. The seminars and conferences were highly regarded for their added value as a learning and networking platform.

    The Intelligent Engineering Branch of China Exploration and Design Association co-organised “Summit on Innovative Intelligent Building Technology Driven by Smart Cities 2017”. Ms Xiao Jianping, SAC/TC426 Commissioner of the association said: “GEBT is an all-inclusive fair. Smart city covers different dimensions of the industry. I witness the rapid development of intelligent building. The exhibition provided eye-opening experiences to industry professionals by presenting core competencies, national standards as well as research and development. I look forward to future editions of GEBT.”

    The Guangzhou Electrical Building Technology show, along with the concurrently held Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition, is headed by the biennial Light + Building event. The next edition of Light + Building will take place from 18 – 23 March 2018 in Frankfurt, Germany.

    Messe Frankfurt also offers a series of other light and building technology events worldwide, including the Shanghai Intelligent Building Technology (SIBT), Shanghai Smart Home Technology (SSHT) and the Shanghai International Lighting Fair (SILF). Additionally, light and building fairs are also hosted in Argentina, India, Russia and the UAE.

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