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    VIAVI Unveils CX300 ComXpert for All-In-One LMR, PMR and LTE Radio Testing

    Viavi Solutions today introduced the CX300 ComXpert, a comprehensive communications test and alignment solution in an easy-to-use, ruggedized form factor. The CX300 is the first LTE-ready radio test set equipped to test both radio and broadband network infrastructure, helping today’s radio technicians ensure complete communications coverage.

    As the global public safety radio market rapidly transitions from analog to digital, many mission-critical services have started using secure LTE technology to supplement data and voice communications. Offering an unparalleled frequency range up to 6 GHz, the CX300 is designed with advanced frequency, power, and modulation analysis instruments to support all analog and digital land mobile radio (LMR) and professional mobile radio (PMR) protocols, as well as private LTE networks.

    The CX300 incorporates the industry-leading suite of VIAVI automated test applications, trusted by radio manufacturers and service centers worldwide for fast, repeatable and accurate test and alignment. Individual and overall pass or fail flags further simplify go/no-go testing, helping to eliminate errors. In addition, the CX300 enables technicians to conduct full vector s-parameter measurements and directly connect to the device under test without the need to carry extra accessories.

    “The CX300 ComXpert builds on our history of more than 40 years delivering industry-leading radio test sets, incorporating our most popular features into a lab-grade, field-portable form factor without sacrificing specifications or performance,” said Edward Latimer, Director of Product Management, Radio Test, VIAVI. “By enabling comprehensive radio testing from the bench to the field, we provide radio technicians and public safety professionals the peace of mind that their radio systems will operate at peak performance.”

    Product Features

    • A large color touchscreen, paired with an innovative, browser-like user interface, lets technicians quickly navigate between test setups.
    • Frequency range from 100 kHz to 6 GHz.
    • Intelligent color-coded meters for at-a-glance test verification.
    • Built-in two port Vector Network Analyzer for easy infrastructure cable and antenna testing.
    • VIAVI Auto-Test applications for all major LMR and PMR radios.
    • Cloud-based VIAVI StrataSync integration for asset, configuration and data management.
    • VIAVI Smart Access Anywhere allows the test set to be remotely controlled using Windows, Android and iOS applications.
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