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    Unveiling Vishay Intertechnology wireless charging coils for EOL devices

    Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. (NYSE: VSH) introduced new powdered iron based, WPC-compliant (Wireless Power Consortium) wireless charging coils that offer direct replacements for devices for which end-of-life (EOL) was announced in 2017. Offering a durable construction and high permeability shielding, the Vishay Dale receiver and transmitter coils provide high efficiency in a variety of industry-standard sizes.

    For wireless charging up to 10 W in portable electronics, the six new receiver coils feature inductance of 10.8 µH to 22 µH at 200 kHz with ± 5 % inductance tolerance, typical Q from 29 to 65 at 200 kHz, and DCR from 175 mΩ to 427 mΩ (± 5 %) at +25 °C.

    For Qi wireless charging pads, the three new transmitters offer inductance of 6.3 µH to 24 µH at 200 kHz with a ± 5 % inductance tolerance, DCR from 40 mΩ to 75 mΩ (± 5 %) at + 25 °C, and typical Q from 185 to 200 at 200 kHz. The devices are available with heat rated current of 6 A and 7 A, and saturation current of 20 A and 22 A.

    Device Specification Table:

    Original part number Replacement part number
    IWAS3222BZEB190J50 IWAS3222CZEB190JF1
    IWAS3827ECEB100J50 IWAS3827ABEB110JF1
    IWAS3827ECEB100J54 IWAS3827ABEB100JF1
    IWAS4832FFEB9R7J50 IWAS4832ABEB110JF1
    IWAS4832FEEB150J50 IWAS4832ADEB150JF1
    IWAS4832ECEB220J50 IWAS4832AAEB220JF1
    IWTX4646BEEB240J50 IWTX4646DCEB240JF1


    Samples and production quantities of the wireless charging coils are available now, with lead times of 12 weeks.

    For more information,visit


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