Unveiling new P13740 ZVS buck-boost regulator

Vicor has released its PI3740 ZVS buck-boost regulator with an extended operating temperature range of –55 to +115°C and optional tin-lead BGA packaging for MIL-COTS applications. The PI3740 is a high-density and high-efficiency buck-boost regulator with an 8 to 60V input voltage range and supports output voltages from 10 to 50V. The device offers up to 140W in a 10 x 14mm SiP package and higher power delivery can be achieved with additional devices in parallel. The ZVS switching topology also enables efficiency as high as 96%.

New PI3740-00 package:
Model BGMZ

• Package: BGA
• Temperature range: –55 to +115°C

Model BGMP

• Package: BGA tin-lead
• Temperature range: –55 to +115°C

For more information, visit www.vicorpower.com

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