Unveiling latest solutions and standards for smart infrastructure at the field level

    The HARTING products are smart, clever and easy to handle. HARTING is driving the development of Ethernet connectivity for tomorrow’s networks. Single-Pair Ethernet (SPE) is on everyone’s lips in the industrial cabling market. HARTING supplies the matching standardized interfaces and presents the first series products at the HANNOVER MESSE 2019.

    As a pioneer of Industry 4.0, HARTING is thus taking the step from a technology trend to a real application and customer-specific solution. “With an interface standardized according to IEC, we are consistently following our path: recognizing trends, defining standards and delivering reliable products,” says Frank Welzel, Director Product Management, HARTING Electronics. At the HARTING booth will beto see the first IP20 interface made of connector and angled PCB socket.

    The core element of this new HARTING T1 Industrial series is a uniform SPE plug face, which can be used for all housing variants from IP20 up to IP65 / 67. HARTING has designed its connector concept according to future requirements and can realize both 1GBit / s for shorter distances and 10Mbit / s for the long distances with a consistent mating face.

    HARTING RJ Industrial MultiFeature series

    With RJ Industrial in the new MultiFeatures Series, HARTING meets the wishes and demands of customers for even easier operation and field assembly. The further development of the successful RJ Industrial standard entails tool-free assembly, simple operation and a robust metal housing.

    Another area of ​​application for AWG 26 to AWG 22 stranded wires and robust cable fixation are features that make it easier for the installer to accelerate assembly. While the classic RJ45 was a development for telecommunications that did not always meet all industrial demands, the HARTING RJ Industrial MultiFeature series has grown to meet all the requirements and adversities of hard operating environments. Safe Cat. 6A performance, IP20 and IP65 / 67 enclosure paired with PoE power supply variants IEEE802.3af (PoE 15.4W) / IEEE802.3at (PoE 25.5W) / IEEE802.3bt (PoE 100W) provide data and power for every device.

    M12 PushPull meets IEC 61076-3-126 / IEC 61076-2-010

    As part of the standardization work that HARTING is actively promoting, the appropriate universal standards for M12 PushPull interlocks are now to be found. These create investment security for the customer and meet the requirements of the M12 as a well-known standardized interface. While the previous solutions on the outside latched onto stationary device sockets with the characteristic click, HARTING presented a new M12 PushPull interface for recessed sockets for the first time at SPS 2018. Jacks of this type of connector are widely used in automation. They have an internal locking and can be installed very flat without outer collar. Miniaturization is one of the key requirements of the automation industry.

    M12 PushPull for Factory Automation

    More and more manufacturers of industrial connection technology rely on time-saving and easy-to-use PushPull concepts for their connectors. The classic screw lock of the M12 circular connector is becoming an annoying time-waster when it comes to mounting numerous interfaces. In a direct comparison of M12 PushPull to the familiar screw locking, the new locking technology can be connected about 75% faster.

    Demands from automation are aimed at simple and safe operation, acoustic feedback as well as time and cost savings. HARTING is now meeting this demand and is actively promoting the standardization of a comprehensive M12 PushPull market standard together with its competitors. In the end, there will be an IEC 61076-2-010 and an IEC 61076-3-126, which will provide an overarching solution for factory automation, creating investment security and second sources for users.

    Standards help everyone

    All highlights of the Hanover Fair are under the big catchword Standard. Proprietary solutions may still be so good, but in the long run they usually remain an isolated solution. Investment security, a well-known form factor in the device and a familiar operation helps all parties involved in the value chain. Uniform mating faces, easy assembly and easy operation in the field help everyone. “Standardization helps the CEO of a company, the designer and ultimately the user. Everyone has greater planning security, “says Frank Welzel in a nutshell.

    Compact, robust and rectangular: Han  1A

    The technology group is also coming up with news in the area of ​​heavy-duty connectors: The Han 1A is a new, compact and extremely robust rectangular connector that can transmit data, signals and power with up to twelve contacts. It is made of high-performance plastic, is lightweight and requires little space. Due to its modularity and a variety of different applications, it is particularly suitable for areas in which many small drives, sensors and devices must be supplied.

    In mechanical engineering, Han 1A enables the efficient connection of tools and modules such as heating or cooling units, fans, control terminals, lighting systems, drives, vibratory conveyors and the like. In traffic engineering, the HAN 1A allows you to connect door drives and entry systems, lighting, headlights, speakers, screens, scoreboards, warning and alarm lights, pushbuttons, buzzers and windshield wipers.

    Han metal housing for easier cabinet mounting

    HARTING now also offers metal housings of the Han B, EMV and M series in versions that enable rear mounting of contact inserts. The new option simplifies the assembly of interfaces for control cabinets. The target is applications in mechanical engineering and automation, robotics, traffic and energy technology.

    Han connectors with metal housing great fit for environments that place high demands on the robustness of components and require the simplest possible installation. Previously, when assembling Han metal housings, the cables first had to be routed through a cutout on the control cabinet in order to assemble the inserts outside the cabinet and pull them back into the mounting housing.

    With the new Han solutions, we also offer the option of locking prefabricated inserts directly into the attachment housing – out of the interior of the control cabinet.

    Hygienic and safe: Han connectors for the food industry

    HARTING supplies with Han F + B a series of connectors especially for the needs of the food industry. Smooth surfaces make it difficult to colonize bacteria. Housings and seals are robust, safe and durable: they prevent the internal contacts from coming into contact with the jet water of high-pressure cleaners or aggressive cleaning agents.

    Hygiene and safety are critical in food processing: Transitions, surfaces, threads and gaskets of Han  F + B connectors have therefore been designed to make it difficult to adhere to dirt particles. Round bows on housings and accessories prevent the formation of dirt nests, which are an ideal breeding ground for bacteria.

    Han F + B housings are made of high-performance plastic, water-repellent and suitable for cleaning agents. They are certified by Ecolab and have FDA 21 approvals. The jet of high-pressure cleaners does not penetrate the housings as long as they remain closed.

    Update on the Han configurator for industrial connectors

    Last year HARTING presented its Han configurator for industrial connectors at the Hanover Fair . The intelligent system makes it possible for the customer to receive specific proposals for tailor-made interfaces based on just a few entries. This year we will show new functions and enhancements at the fair, eg the optimized 3D presentation of the respective configuration result.

    HARTING accelerates e-mobility

    Also on display at the HARTING stand in Hannover is the “microSNAP”, the latest vehicle study by the Swiss car visionary Frank M. Rinderknecht. The bold idea behind the “microSNAP”: chassis, drive (“skateboard”) and superstructures (“pods”) can be separated and quickly swapped. To quickly recharge the battery, HARTING is teaming up with Kuka to show the corresponding, robot-controlled charging station.

    A Kuka robot inserts the HARTING charging plugs and finishes the charging process when the battery of the drive has reached the required charge level. Thus, the vehicle is ready for use again after a short time.


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