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    Uchi Excels Distribution Channels in the Embedded and Iot Segment

    Uchi Embedded Solutions is a well-known distributor of tools and components required for Embedded Systems and IoT development projects. Their products are sourced from top-notch global technology giants with the best-in-class sales options and technical support. They are known to put a lot of expertise in quality management control systems to ensure superior level of quality in all their sourced products.

    Rashi Bajpai, Sub-Editor at ELE Times spoke with A. Babu, Sales Head at Uchi Embedded Solutions about their company profile and business outlook.

    This is an excerpt from the interaction.

    ELE Times: How diverse is Uchi’s product portfolio? Brief us on the segments you cater to.

    1. Babu: We are into components and tools distribution for embedded systems and IoT development. Our core product portfolio includes- Compilers & IDE, Evaluation Boards, JTAG Emulators/Debuggers, PCB Design Software, Production Programmers, Test & Measurement Tools. We are also known for our WIFI modules from Espressif systems in the IoT segment. Besides this, in the component domain we cater to Mindmotion MCUs.

    ELE Times: As a component and tools distributor for embedded systems, what challenges do you encounter related to the process or logistics?

    1. Babu: There are several challenges that we face as distributors, right from inventory management to supply chain to understanding the distribution channels and everything in between. Stocking of the products and components is one aspect that we have to be very precise about. Also, there is cut-throat competition in the pricing, hence understanding the market and adjusting our business strategy per need is also a challenge.

    ELE Times: Brief us on the IoT solutions you cater to as a distributor.

    1. Babu: We are popular in IoT because of our WIFI modules from Espressif systems. Espressif is globally popular with their ESP8266 and ESP32 range of WIFI +BLE modules. We have good Sales and Technical support team in India to support Indian IoT developers. With the strength of our tech support team we win new design wins from clients who develop IoT.

    ELE Times: Help us understand your after-sales process when a client needs product service and support.

    1. Babu: After sales support is an important activity in Uchi, because we believe customers like us more for our technical skills than selling skills. Our engineers are trained on all our products and will support our customers when they need help. In cases where our engineers are not equipped to support a client we will take support from our product partners. Ultimately, we see to it that customers are supported well. In time. There is transparency in the support process and so the clients can reach our product partner directly for support also. Or during email supports customers are always in loop to get the support faster.

    ELE Times: Throw some light on your most recent partnerships and the vision for the next decade.

    A. Babu: Recently we have partnered with Actuonix USA to promote their Micro Linear Actuators. Also, we represent Passmark, Australia in India to promote their PC Testing and Diagnostics tools. Mainly focusing on USB port testing, diagnostics. Specifying some of our partnerships we have- BiPOM Electronics, ByteParadigm, Cleverscope, Conitec Datasystems, Dataman Programmers, Dediprog Technology, Diptrace, Emprog, Inc., Neutronics, Prologix, Ronetix GmbH, IFTools GmbH among others.

    A. BabuSales Head
Uchi Embedded Solutions
    A. Babu
    Sales Head
    Uchi Embedded Solutions
    ELE Times Report
    ELE Times Report
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