The newly developed wearable solar powered OLED display can be washed

    Wearable devices have become a cutting-edge niche of the apparel industry. There has been a buzz of wearable devices all around the globe, as they are now counted among the common electronics of modern society. To enhance life convenience, the wearables have been integrated with various smart applications.

    After wearable accessories like glasses and watches now scientists are working to develop smart clothing to create a diverse range of applications.

    Research Team of Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) has introduced a new type of textile-based display module, which is washable, wearable and self-powered.

    The wearing display modules based on real textiles are integrated with polymer solar cells (PSCs) and OLEDs. The modules were fabricated by Professor Kyung Cheol Choi from the School of Electrical Engineering at KAIST.

    Polymer Solar Cells provide power without any other external power source and have been a most promising material for a next generation power source, especially for wearable and optoelectronic applications. Meanwhile, OLEDs can be milliwatts driven.

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