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    The New MIX-Q670D1 Offers Multiple 4K Displays, AI, and 5G Capability in Low-Profile Mini-ITX Form

    AAEON’s latest Mini-ITX offering comes with superior power, expandability, and flexibility in deployment.

    AAEON, a leading producer of industrial motherboards, has released the MIX-Q670D1, a low-profile, expandable Mini-ITX motherboard supporting both 12th and 13th Generation Intel Core processors.

    Despite its low 18.3mm vertical profile, the MIX-Q670D1 is compatible with 21 CPUs across the 12th and 13th Generation Intel Core lines, and can support CPUs up to 65W. Powered by a 12V DC input, the MIX-Q670D1 offers a considerably higher maximum single-core frequency of 5.2 GHz when compared to the 3.0 GHz provided by previous DC-powered Mini-ITX boards.


    Due to its low profile, AAEON have stated the MIX-Q670D1 would be suitable for applications that require a solution that can fit into tight spaces while still retaining a diverse set of interfaces compatible with the integration of cameras, sensors, and other peripheral devices. To this end, the MIX-Q670D1 is equipped with a minimalist physical port layout consisting of four USB 3.2 Gen 2 and two GbE LAN ports, alongside audio line-out.

    Keeping the board slim while maintaining advanced functionality, the MIX-Q670D1 is equipped with an extensive set of internal connectors, including two pin headers for four USB 2.0, two COM port box headers, and an AAFP header for high-definition audio. With this configuration, the MIX-Q670D1 can take advantage of peripheral devices according to application needs, without taking up physical port space.

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    The MIX-Q670D1 offers five display interfaces, coming primarily from vertical onboard ports in the form of two HDMI 2.0 and two DP 1.2 ports each capable of 4K resolution at 60Hz. However, the board also contains an internal 40-pin LVDs/eDP connector which AAEON have retained to make the board suited to deployment in slimline panel PC solutions. With this layout, the MIX-Q670D1 offers up to four simultaneous 4K displays which can be configured across its five display options to suit application requirements.

    A variety of expansion options are available thanks to the MIX-Q670D1’s M.2 2232 E-Key and M.2 3042/52 B-Key slots, which provide AI and 5G module support. AAEON believes this combination of wireless connectivity, AI support, and high processing power ensure the board can bring edge AI computing capabilities to a range of deployment settings.


    For storage, the MIX-Q670D1 is equipped with an M.2 2280 M-Key slot and dual SATA III with Intel® VMD support for the installation of performance-boosted NVMe and PCIe modules.

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