Tektronix launches ‘Next generation’ basic scope with extended capabilities

    admin-ajaxTektronix has launched the TBS2000, described as a next generation basic oscilloscope with the longest record length and largest display in its class. The introduction is said to bring access to expanded capabilities, including the ability to use a range of Tektronix probes, to budget constrained design engineers.
    Peter Bachmayr, technical marketing manager EMEA, said more than 800,000 units of the TDS200 have been sold to entry level and educational users since its introduction. “But challenges are greater today,” he said. “Signals are becoming more complex – PWM, for example – and don’t look like sine waves any longer. Using the TBS2000, engineers will have more measurement confidence.”
    Aimed at advanced basic scope users, models are available with 70MHz or 100MHz bandwidth and with two or four channels. All feature a 9in WVGA display with 15 horizontal (time) divisions, this is said to allow users to see 50% more signal than other scopes in this category. According to Bachmayr: “While the channel colours are fixed, the cursor colours match the channel being measured.”
    A 20Mpoint record length with single-knob pan and zoom provides the ability to capture long time duration signals. “Users can also trigger on runts,” said Bachmayr. “And, while there is no correlation between the time and frequency, users can see data from both domains.”

    With Wi-Fi, Ethernet and USB interfaces, there is support for the Tektronix VPI probe interface – said to be for the first time in a low cost Tektronix oscilloscope – allowing access to a range of Tektronix active probes.

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