State of the Art Innovative Health Technology Devices

    The world hasn’t been the same as it was before. Every day new technologies are getting introduced which offer a diverse experience to us. A world with inventions, technology and gadgets helping humans in all the sectors – Health, Aerospace, Industrial, Education and more. 

    The increasing volume of patient data, an expansion in technological know-how, and the market for fast and equipped healthcare processes and systems are stimulating the market for Health technology.

    The future is here with Cybernetic Implants and Artificial Embryos. In this article, we will be listing down the innovative health Technology devices:

    Bionic eye
    State of the Art Innovative Health Technology Devices

    Prosthetic eyes aka experimental visual devices are capable of restoring the functional eyesight of people with partial or total blindness. By implanting nanowires connected to Artificial Retinas, researchers presume that bionic eye implants in human patients could very well be a reality soon. Argus retinal prosthesis, Harvard/MIT Retinal Implant, Photovoltaic retinal prosthesis (PRIMA), and more are the ongoing technological projects in the Field of Bionic eyes.

    Robotic exoskeleton
    State of the Art Innovative Health Technology Devices

    They are wearable devices that have been developed as Augmentative devices. They are placed on the user’s body and acts as amplifiers that expand, strengthen and rehabilitate human performance. They are powered by a system of electric motors, the structure gives limbs extra movement, strength and endurance. Ekso GT was the first exoskeleton to be approved by the US for stroke patients. Numerous industries are making robotic exoskeleton for different purposes like walking hands-free, skiers, snowboarders, astronauts and more.

    Artificial Womb
    State of the Art Innovative Health Technology Devices
    An artificial uterus for extracorporeal fertility nurtures a fetus outside the body of an organism. This is an opportunity for women who cannot bear children due to medical conditions. In the future, we would be able to utilise this technology at its best and Presently, a 14-day rule prevents human embryos from being kept in artificial wombs longer than 14 days. The artificial womb has successfully grown sheep and mouse babies. 

    State of the Art Innovative Health Technology Devices
    It is a branch of science that works toward the prevention and treatment of diseases like diabetes, neurological and cardiovascular disorders, HIV/AIDS, cancer and more. It advises the use of nanoscale materials, such as biocompatible nanorobots and nanoparticles for delivery, analysis, sensing or actuation objectives in a living organism. 

    The emerging technologies for drug delivery, development in the adoption of nanomedicine across varied applications, growth in demand for therapies with some side effects, growth in government support & funding, and cost-effectiveness of therapies are the reasons for the boom in the market for Telemedicine.

    Surgical Robots
    State of the Art Innovative Health Technology Devices
    It is a system that assists surgeons to bend and twist tissues more flexibly and efficiently. Robotic surgery is normally connected with minimally invasive surgery — methods achieved through tiny incisions in less time with quicker recovery. The da Vinci robot and ZEUS robotic surgical system are used for assisting surgeries in the US. 

    So, these are the advanced Innovative health technology devices helping humans.

    Pallavi Gupta
    Pallavi Gupta
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