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    Simplifying and accelerating network application and security testing with extended test portfolio

    Keysight Technologies, Inc., a leading technology company that helps enterprises, service providers and governments accelerate innovation to connect and secure the world, announced significant platform additions to Ixia’s network, application and security test portfolio that includes IxNetwork, IxLoad, and BreakingPoint. Designed to simplify and accelerate testing for network equipment manufacturers (NEMs), service providers and enterprises, these solutions support testing of emerging technologies such as TLS 1.3 encryption, QUIC video streaming, Microsoft Azure public cloud testing, and IPv6 segment routing, to simplify network infrastructure testing and enable end-to-end network programmability.

    “The ability to quickly and easily test the performance and security of a network infrastructure and applications from anywhere is critical to an organization’s success,” said Sunil Kalidindi, vice president of product management for Keysight’s Ixia Solutions Group. “The enhancements made to our common test platform, and to our industry-leading test solutions, IxNetwork, IxLoad and BreakingPoint, are the result of the most significant investment in our test portfolio in a decade. These platform improvements and additions, such as IPv6 test chassis management, modern automation, web user interface and improved test execution and management, simplify and accelerate testing for all of our customers.”

    Common Platform Improvements Ensure Ease-of-Use

    Ixia enhanced its IxOS common test platform, the underlaying operating system, to enable users to run the chassis management interface on an IPv6 or dual-stack network. The company also simplified the platform with auto-discovery and bulk updates, chassis chaining across Windows/Linux and an enhanced multi-user experience in shared test beds. A new quick response (QR) code feature presents details about the test system with a scan from a mobile device for convenient asset management.

    Network Performance Testing, Anywhere, Anytime

    IxNetwork, an industry-leading network infrastructure validation solution, enables network equipment manufacturers, service providers and enterprises to perform Layer 2-3 network performance testing.  Users can now run the same rigorous tests from anywhere, at any time, through a new HTML5 web user interface. The light-weight UI simplifies the user workflow, enables collaboration, offers flexible deployment and addresses security concerns with Windows-based applications. IxNetwork Web Edition combined with a Linux API server and a REST API Browser provides a streamlined, modern automation framework that accelerates testing, enabling users to stay at the cutting edge.

    Testing that Optimizes User Quality of Experience

    IxLoad provides scalable multiplay service emulations to validate application delivery platforms to help service providers and enterprises optimize end users’ quality of experience (QoE). IxLoad now offers complete support for TLS 1.3 including symmetric pre-shared key (PSK) and zero round-trip time (0-RTT) for comprehensive TLS 1.3 validation. IxLoad tests video delivery services to validate scale and QoE of streaming over the new Quick UDP internet connections. IxLoad VE enables testing of application delivery networks and service chaining in virtual environments by simplifying test topologies and increasing performance including rapid validation of VNFs and rapid deployment of NFV architectures running in private and public clouds (Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS)). IxLoad also offers a light-weight web user interface with integrated REST API Browser for a simplified workflow and rapid development and execution of automation scripts in a Windows-free environment.

    TLS 1.3 Support for Cybersecurity Testing

    Offering seven times the TLS test performance than the previous version, the industry-leading BreakingPoint application and network security testing solution, combined with CloudStorm, enables customers to validate performance and security efficacy of TLS inspection devices with mixed applications and cyber threats cloaked in TLS. The solution also supports use of REST API and API browsers to improve automation and build robust DevOps testing practices for validation of updates, as well as change management. BreakingPoint Virtual Edition (VE) is now supported on Microsoft Azure public cloud in addition to AWS, enabling organizations to tackle cloud migration with confidence and optimize costs by testing their cloud performance and security prior to deployment.

    In addition, the recently announced BreakingPoint QuickTest offers the power of BreakingPoint in pre-packaged test suites to rapidly evaluate the performance and effectiveness of security devices and to assess cybersecurity readiness of networks and devices.

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