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    Signal Analyzer Supports 5G mobile communication NR Analysis

    Anritsu Corporation announces the release of software options, adding support for measuring the RF Tx characteristics of fifth-generation (5G) mobile communications base stations and terminals to the company’s Signal Analyzer MS2690A/MS2691A/MS2692A series following the support for 5G added to the Signal Analyzer M2850A in March.

    5G Measurement Software (Basic License)   MX269051A

    NR TDD sub-6 GHz Downlink                    MX269051A-011

    NR TDD sub-6 GHz Uplink                        MX269051A-061

    Installing the above 5G Measurement Software and NR TDD sub-6 GHz options to the Signal Analyzer MS2690A/MS2691A/MS2692A series (MS269xA series) supports easy and consistent 5G signal analyses, including Tx power, frequency error, EVM, etc., of 5G NR TDD sub-6 GHz signals expected to be adopted by the new 5G standard.

    Customers installing these software options in their MS269xA instruments can immediately and effectively commence development of sub-6 GHz wireless equipment using the same familiar operations, helping bring commercial 5G products to market sooner.

    Development Background :

    For sub-6 GHz testing there is a need to make use of the measuring instrument used in the mobile communication system of 4 G / LTE or earlier. With this software release, Anritsu has strengthened the functions of its M269xA series by adding support for 5G measurements to the other communications methods, including LTE/LTE-Advanced.

    Product Outline:

    The 5G Measurement Software and 5G TDD sub-6 GHz options MX269051A are installed in the MS269xA main unit to support development and production of 5G wireless communication devices. These software options support signal analyses and measurement of RF characteristics by supporting 3GPP-compliant sub-6 GHz uplink and downlink signals and specifying 1 component carrier (1CC) up to a bandwidth of 100 MHz.

    Key Features :

    • EVM measurements of <0.5% using wide-dynamic-range performance
      (at downlink 1CC 100-MHz bandwidth and 3.5-GHz center frequency)
    • Built-in, one-button Auto-Range function for optimized EVM measurements

    With its excellent level accuracy and dynamic range, the MS269xA series is the ideal solution for accurate signal analysis; adding various options such as the built-in vector signal generator not only helps improve the quality of wireless equipment but also cuts the cost of sub-6 GHz measurements.

    Target Markets and Applications :

    Target Markets: Wireless communications equipment makers, electronic parts makers, mobile phone operators

    Applications: Development and manufacturing of sub-6 GHz wireless equipment.

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