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    Sentry Enterprises and Infineon collaborate to fuel biometric access control and cold storage crypto wallet platforms

    Sentry Enterprises, a technology-leading company focused on transforming what identity
    means across the physical and digital worlds, selected Infineon’s latest generation
    SLC37x Secure Element chip family to fuel its biometric platforms. Sentry Enterprises
    is the creator and maker of the SentryCard biometric platform, a privacy-centric,
    proof-of-identity solution, along with the soon-to-be-released Sentinel biometric cold
    storage crypto wallet. Sentry’s identity platform competes horizontally across all
    security, payment, and crypto sectors, and other market segments.

    Sentry is in the process of finalizing its next-generation “universal identity platform”
    that incorporates biometric hardware, a cutting-edge card operating system, as well
    as integrated mobile applications and back-end systems. The focus of this platform is
    to provide solutions that address today’s security vulnerabilities while positioning
    itself for the future of Web 3.0 and self-sovereign identity applications.
    “Our expertise in biometric solutions has proven to be the essential foundation for
    building a leading global identity ecosystem. Collaborating with Infineon to integrate
    the SCL37x Secure Element into the SentryCard and Sentinel biometric platforms
    provide the perfect balance between performance, power, and uncompromising
    security,” said Mark Bennett, CEO at Sentry Enterprises.
    “There is no question that privacy-centric, biometric solutions will play a critical role in
    the security, identity, and emerging crypto markets,” said Arnaud Moser, Senior
    Director of Americas, Smart Cards and IoT Security, Infineon. “We believe that
    Sentry is the first commercially scalable player in this arena, and we are very pleased
    that they have selected Infineon’s SLC38 Secure Element to strengthen their

    Sentry uses Infineon security controllers, which are certified to the security level CC
    EAL 6+, and designed for Digital Identity use cases like electronic passports, physical
    access cards, physical tokens, and more for secured identification and authentication. Infineon is pleased to collaborate with Sentry to bring more secure innovative and convenient solutions to market. Sentry’s biometric platform provides a critical missing element in today’s highly connected world – a user-controlled absolute proof-of-identity that readily integrates with the world’s existing infrastructure. Establishing absolute proof of identity and trust is paramount to protecting critical infrastructure, enterprise, and government assets, as well as the rapidly growing cryptocurrency markets.

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