Rohde & Schwarz to stage Demystifying EMC conference online and in person in 2023

    The third virtual Demystifying EMC conference will take place in February 2023, bringing together experts from around the world to expand global EMC knowledge. Live online presentations from industry leaders and high-quality virtual training sessions broadcast across three time zones followed by a series of in-person events in different regions of the world.

    Rohde & Schwarz today announced that its renowned Demystifying EMC (DEMC) virtual conference will take place from 7 to 8 February 2023 in Europe and 8 to 9 February in Asia Pacific and the Americas, followed by a series of in-person events around the world. Through conference presentations, workshops, and live panel discussions, participants will have the opportunity to get up to speed on the latest developments in EMC testing, standards, design, risk management, and compliance.

    The first day of the main conference will cover essential topics such as CISPR, RED, ANSI, and MIL standards, maintaining test facility accuracy, and testing on space systems. The perennially popular Lee Hill of Silent Solutions will also be on hand to entertain and educate on EMI debug techniques.

    Day Two will have an automotive focus, starting with a keynote on new strategies to ensure robustness in automotive EMC. Other themes of the day include reverberation chambers in automotive compliance testing, antenna and OTA testing, understanding compliance, testing under real driving conditions, and ISO and UN-ECE standards.

    Conference sessions will be led by experts from numerous organizations including BMW, AVL, Boston Scientific, Comtest Engineering, Element, INTA, Rohde & Schwarz, and Sono Motors.

    Running in parallel to the conference will be an online educational area, where delegates can dive into numerous topics within five different streams; EMC Essentials, EMI Debug & pre-compliance, Regulatory & compliance testing, Educational documents, and R&S featured products & solutions.

    Dates, locations and registration for in-person events are already online and will be updated with further locations in the next few weeks.

    “Demystifying EMC is all about sharing expertise for the benefit of the entire EMC community,” says Christina Gessner, Vice President Spectrum & Network Analyzers, EMC & Antenna Test at Rohde & Schwarz, whose conference keynote will examine how measurement methods have evolved to keep up with the latest EMC-testing trends. “We’re proud to facilitate this kind of free, first-rate training for our industry colleagues around the world, and we’re very grateful to everyone that contributes. This time we’re particularly excited to be combining our online and in-person offerings to deliver a truly global, relevant, and accessible conference for 2023.”

    For more information on the Demystifying EMC 2023 event, the full list of speakers and supporting partners, and to register, visit:

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