Aerospace & Defence

Aerospace & Defence

Nanotechnology Defence Technology

Defence Technology is Going All Micro, Lighter and Faster

Miniaturisation, nanotechnology and micro electromechanical systems (MEMS) are increasingly being adopted in military and aerospace applications. With ‘smaller, lighter and faster’ being the new...
Vicor DCM

ChiP DCM family with ±1% regulation and unrivaled power densities by Vicor

Vicor has extended its family of isolated, regulated DC-DC converter modules (DCMs) in ChiP packages, with a range of ±1% voltage regulation devices. With...
Nuclear Weapons

What does Russia have that is ‘More Efficient than Nuclear Weapons’?

Russia is developing radio-electronic weapons, which uses a powerful UHF impulse capable of destroying all electronic equipment miles away and even changing the course...
Electric Airplanes

If Electric Airplanes to Fly in Skies

Wright Electric first caught the world’s attention back in March at Y Combinator’s Demo Day W17. As you may have guessed from their name, the American...

DARPA’s New Infrared Powered Smart Sensor is Designed to Detect

Researchers at Northeastern University have developed a next-generation smart sensor for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) that is capable of identifying infrared (IR) wavelengths...

Intersil’s New Radiation-Tolerant Plastic ICs to Power Small Satellite Mega-Constellations

Intersil, a subsidiary of Renesas Electronics Corporation , on September 20, announced the first three members of its new family of radiation-tolerant plastic-package ICs...
India Defence

India to offer more defence aid for Afghanistan

India will extend further assistance for the Afghan National Defence and Security Forces, the two countries announced after the 2nd round of their strategic...

India, Japan to step up Defence Co-operation

India and Japan have agreed to collaborate closely in defence production, including on dual-use technologies, as the two countries resolved to ramp up overall military engagement...
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