Powering the network with the latest 8th Generation Intel Core and Xeon Processors

AAEON, an industry leader in network solutions, announces the FWS-7831 network appliance. The FWS-7831 is powered by the 8th Generation Intel Core and Xeon processors, formerly Coffee Lake, and offers powerful network applications such as UTM and SD-WAN in a package that is both user and budget friendly.

The FWS-7831 is designed with support for the 8th Generation Intel Core and Xeon processors (Coffee Lake) up to 6 cores. Combined with up to 32 GB of DDR4 SODIMM ECC memory, the FWS-7831 is powerful enough to provide over 48 Gbps throughput depending on configuration.

With the FWS-7831, AAEON continues to offer network appliances built with flexibility. The FWS-7831 can be configured with eight Intel i211 Gigabit Ethernet ports, or two SFP Ethernet ports with six Intel i211 Ethernet ports. The FWS-7831 also features a NIM slot, perfect for additional expansion and customization, allowing customers up to eight additional ports, for a total of up to 16 Ethernet ports supported. Customers can also use the NIM module for network virtualization. Other I/O features include USB 3.0, RJ-45 console, and HDMI ports.

The FWS-7831 is also built to be a friendly to use system. With a shorter chassis than most typical rackmount systems, the FWS-7831 is easy to set up and install even without a rack, and can be used outside of dedicated server rooms. It provides users with support for applications such as unified threat management (UTM) and software defined wide access networks (SD-WAN). It can also be paired with other network appliances for web monitoring and load balancing applications.

“The FWS-7831 is a cost-effective and user-friendly network solution for customers looking for a mid-range network solution,” said Caridee Hung, Product Manager with AAEON’s Network Systems Division. “Customers will find exactly the solution they need thanks to the 8th Generation Intel Core and Xeon Processors and the flexibility provided by the FWS-7831.”

The FWS-7831 is the newest addition to the family of network appliances from AAEON, and joins the FWS-7830 in expanding our range of appliances powered by the 8th Generation Intel Core and Xeon Processors.

For more information, visit: www.aaeon.com

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