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    Policy Focus will Reinforce the Importance of ‘electronica India’ and ‘productronica India’

    Under the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) outlined roadmap towards making Indian electronics manufacturing a $300 billion industry, global firms are taking a keen interest in establishing supply links in India to cater to this growing demand. In the spirit of Atmanirbharta, ‘electronica India 2022’ and ‘productronica India 2022’ are all set to bridge the demand and supply-side stakeholders, thus maximising the industry’s potential.

    The latest vision document by MeitY makes it clear that GoI has prioritised electronics manufacturing because it helps the country meet two crucial goals: 1) Making India a fully digitised society through 5G connectivity in metro cities by end of this year and eventual digital connectivity of nearly 600,000 villages; 2) Increasing the country’s export basket through a higher share of finished and semi-finished goods. Thus, MeitY has outlined a detailed roadmap to make Indian electronics manufacturing a $300 billion market by 2026.

    Released earlier this year jointly by MeitY and the India Cellular & Electronics Association (ICEA), the latest vision document entitled “$300 billion Sustainable Electronics Manufacturing and Exports by 2026″, provides a year-wise break-up and production projections for the various products that will lead India’s transformation from the current $75 billion to a $300 billion electronics manufacturing powerhouse. To achieve this potential and ramp up production capacities, India needs dynamic synergies between demand and supply-side communities.

    Powerful partnerships

    Having originated in Munich, Germany, in the 1970s, electronica and productronica have gained a reputation for bringing together the world’s leading electronics manufacturers, decision-makers, trendsetters, innovators, and all other stakeholders. In its latest India edition, to be held at the India Exposition Mart, Greater Noida, from 21-23 September, electronica India and productronica India will continue their legacy of bridging stakeholders’ interests and unlocking business opportunities. The trade fairs will be spread across an area of over 25,000 sq metre and are expected to attract over 20,000 trade visitors.

    Organisers of electronica India and productronica India, Messe Muenchen India has long-standing collaborations with leading industry associations such as Electronics Industries Association of India (ELCINA) and Indian Printed Circuit Association (IPCA), among many others, to provide participants with a rich and rewarding experience. The latest partnership with ICEA will serve to promote the display manufacturing ecosystem at these trade fairs. Through its well-curated, highly researched, and credible conferences, these shows will attract the top industry captains and most innovative companies to highlight the main technologies, best practices, and market insights into the world of display manufacturing.

    About its partnership with MM India, Pankaj Mohindroo, Chairman, ICEA, said, “Demand for displays in India is likely to reach $20 billion by 2025 with our current emphasis on Electronics Manufacturing in India and becoming Aatmanirbhar. The massive thrust on raising electronics manufacturing from $75 billion to $300 billion is the primary reason for this huge buoyancy. We are getting ready to build display fabs in the country as there is no better time to focus on building this strategic core industry in India. ICEA, in collaboration with Messe Muenchen India, will offer a platform to invite the complete ecosystem to a common place to promote display manufacturing in India. We will support more such outreach initiatives in the future as they are necessary for the growth of the entire electronics manufacturing sector.”

    What to expect at the shows?

    Reiterating the importance of partnership with ICEA, Bhupinder Singh, CEO, Messe Muenchen India, said, “The Indian government has recently announced a $10 billion scheme to boost semiconductor and display manufacturing in the country. All this potential will only be realised through the combined power of state-of-the-art manufacturing technology and seamless synergy between demand and supply-side partners. The core strength of our shows lies in establishing these synergies through our high-level conferences, extensive technology portfolio, buyer-seller meets, and networking opportunities. We are proud to join hands with ICEA and work towards building a dynamic supply chain ecosystem in the country through our exhibitions.”

    Rajesh Sharma, Executive Director & Principal Advisor, ICEA, said, “With the latest GOI incentives, the entire ecosystem of electronics manufacturing including chip-based semiconductors, lithium-ion batteries, and display fabrication has been covered. Now we are at an important stage of establishing domestic capabilities, and ICEA has been working tirelessly to build the vast supply chain that is necessary for a thriving manufacturing market. We are happy to partner with MM India as their shows are trusted platforms for awareness creation and knowledge sharing among all key stakeholders along the supply chain.”

    Apart from their most popular and high-volume transaction segments like embedded systems, micro and nanosystems and sensor technology, EMS (electronic manufacturing services), assemblies and subsystems, and a host of over 20 combined exhibition segments, electronica India 2022 and productronica India 2022 are also reputed for their content-focused knowledge sharing platforms. The CEO Forum, India PCB Tech and Buyer-Seller meets are organised by the partner association ELCINA, while IPCA organises the IPCA Expo.

    Those who have followed the policy-level discussions in this space are aware of the PM’s vision for India to be a strong export-oriented economy in the global markets. Thus, there is a growing focus on domestic value addition in electronics manufacturing, both from global companies as well as local SMEs. And hence, when it comes to value addition for both buyers as well as suppliers, there is no other platform more credible than ‘electronica India 2022’ and ‘productronica India 2022’. Get ready to have meaningful handshakes and unlock business opportunities!

    electronica India and productronica India will take place from September 21–23, 2022 at the India Exposition Mart, Greater Noida. Visit and to know more about the trade fairs.

    ELE Times Research Desk
    ELE Times Research Desk
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