Panasonic Industry releases 300VAC Film Capacitors

ECQUB series enables designs of high safety and high reliability

Panasonic has released new Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitor ECQUB series (Safety Class Y2/X1).

This series features an operating temperature range of -40°C up to 110°C and a rated voltage of 300VAC. For safety class Y2, the nominal capacitance range is from 0.001µF up to 0.0068µF; for safety class X1, the nominal capacitance range is from 0.001µF up to 1µF.

Products with 0.01 µF and above especially benefits from original in-house patterned metallization process by Panasonic with fuse mechanism function. This unique technology delivers stable capacitance level over the product lifetime and therefore guarantees a higher reliability of the application.

A flame-retardant plastic case and non-combustible resin are utilized leading to accreditation in accordance with UL/CSA and European safety regulation for class Y2/X1. All the products are fully RoHS and REACH compliant.

ECQUB series capacitors offer a guaranteed high humidity resistance (THB test: 85°C, 85%, 275VAC for 500 hours).

Functioning as interference suppression capacitors, ECQUB series is ideal for a broad spectrum of applications including input / output filtering for industrial power supplies and renewable energy infrastructure.

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