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    Nuvoton Technology Unveils Fast LCD Development Simulation Tool NuTool-LCDView

    Visual, Intuitive Platform for LCD Design, Simulation, and Testing Accelerates Development

    Nuvoton Technology has announced the launch of its new LCD simulation software, NuTool-LCDView. NuTool-LCDView is a software tool that assists the development of TN-LCDs with Arm-based microcontrollers (MCUs). It provides a clear visual emulation of the planned LCD layout and hardware design during development, enhancing the communication between developers and engineers.

    Nuvoton is a leading supplier of microcontrollers for TN-LCDs, which provide a simple ultra-affordable, low-power display for the vast variety of devices that do not require a more complex and costly pixel-addressable display.

    This new software shortens LCD development time and cycles because it allows designers to work with the simulation and make rapid changes, even when the physical display hardware is unavailable. Engineers can then easily implement the final design in hardware form.

    User-friendly, Visually Intuitive Platform with Hardware Emulation

    NuTool-LCDView provides a user-friendly and visually intuitive platform for developers to design, interact with, and optimize TN-LCDs. The ‘what you see is what you get’ graphical interface – with icons, buttons, and menus – lets developers navigate and manipulate complex designs effortlessly. It shows a real-time LCD simulation on the PC without needing a physical LCD screen. This makes it much easier to interpret and communicate results to engineers and product managers. NuTool-LCDView’s simple drag-and-drop functionality enhances productivity by reducing the learning curve for developers.

    This tool can directly generate LCD configuration code, ready for transfer to microcontroller hardware. NuTool-LCDView allows developers to simulate, debug, and complete LCD projects more easily and quickly.

    Diverse Support and Wide Microcontroller Compatibility

    NuTool-LCDView supports a wide range of microcontroller architectures. These include the ML54/ML56 microcontroller series with the NuMicro 1T 8051 core and also the NuMicro M254/M256/M258/M2354 microcontroller series, based on the Arm® Cortex®-M23 core.

    Enhanced IDE Integration

    This software integrates different engineering modules, allowing for comprehensive control and customization. NuTool-LCDView can be used as a standalone tool, as an IAR plug-in, or within the popular Keil IDE for Arm Cortex-based chips.

    In standalone mode, it connects to the MCU via the Arm standard SWD (Serial Wire Debug) interface, enabling real-time monitoring of changes in MCU COM/SEG pin configurations. When utilized within the Keil IDE during debugging, NuTool-LCDView tools enhance debugging efficiency for system designers, reducing development timelines.

    Productive and Adaptable

    NuTool-LCDView helps developers develop and validate products without constant access to the development hardware and physical LCDs—this streamlines product development and validation, allowing for more flexible iterative testing and improvement.

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