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    New System Solutions for Energy Distribution in Rail Vehicles

    Connectors for rail applications need to not only be extremely robust, but also simple and quick to install and easy to maintain. HARTING has therefore developed new interfaces for rail vehicles.

    High performance for transformers

    Han HPR HPTC – High Performance Transformer Connector – is a transformer connector series developed for rail customers, which meets all market requirements. Hoods, housings and cable glands have been optimised for outdoor use: everything is designed to be very robust so that the connection between pantograph, transformer and train busbar remains stable over the long term. Existing contours on the transformer can be reused, making design changes unnecessary.

    The modular system of the Han HPR HPTC series offers a flexible expandability

    The product meets the requirements for simple assembly, maximum safety and a minimum number of components used. A crimped contact on the cable side is inserted into a three-part, touch-proof insulating body. In addition, there is a cable gland that protects against dust and moisture and is also part of the shielding, absorbs residual currents and transfers them to the housing. The new HPTC series meets all relevant railway standards.

    New housing system for inter-car jumper

    The Han HPR VarioShell is a housing system that is specially designed for jumper applications. Thanks to a circumferential internal seal, the two-piece housing/hood achieves a IP69K rating by using a mounting frame. Since the cover is removable, the housing/hood can be fitted from both inside and outside the rail vehicles.

    The ease of accessibility also minimises the effort during operation, servicing and maintenance. This is because not all connections need to be interrupted when a fault occurs. You need only to open the housing cover to identify and replace the faulty conductors or contacts.

    The contours of the VarioShell allow dirt deposits to slide off. Special channels, for example, guide water away from the screws that fix the housing so that rust does not form. Special curvatures on the upper side ensure that ice and snow move and slide down the sides without exerting pressure on the wall and housing. This increases the service life of the interface.

    The optional cable manager helps to separate cables

    Optimised design against water, dust and ice leading to a longer lifetime

    TrainPowerLine for the vehicle network

    More efficient energy consumption and reduced complexity are major trends in the railway industry. The Han HPR TrainPowerLine (TPL) replaces existing solutions such as UIC, power or Y-distributors for train busbars.

    It is tailored to modern trains running in a network and offers weight advantages of up to 10 kilograms per rail vehicles compared to previous standards. Very little space is required to reliably supply all the electrical equipment and systems of the train.

    The housing is based on the Han HPR design and is made of corrosion-resistant aluminium die castings. The TPL is therefore ideally suited for use in the harsh environmental conditions of outdoor applications. The contours of the main body remove dirt and ice to the sides effectively.

    Complete Han HPR TrainPowerLine interface with three single poles

    Typical environment for the Han HPR TrainPowerLine are underfloor applications as an alternative to the UIC 552

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