New Products for Data Centre Infrastructure Industry

    Vertiv announced two of its latest offerings – RPDU (Rack Power Distribution Units) and VRacks, from its diverse portfolio of next generation data centre solutions, to strengthen its position as a market leader in the data centre infrastructure industry.

    The new RPDUs are patented with U-locking sockets for rigid cable connections that can hold upto 40 PD’s cascade with fault tolerance design. It also comes with capabilities to monitor environmental conditions such as airflow, temperature, humidity and dew point to provide enhanced protection. The RPDUs are available in a range of colours which will help in identifying power feeds to match the input power.

    To address the computing demands of high performance computing requirements, increased streaming content, VRacks are designed to meet the requirements of the Enterprises, Cloud, Hyper scale and Edge Data centers. The latest offering is inbuilt with single & split 77% perforated doors, available in 8 sizes and is capable of accommodating upto 2000 Cat6 cables. It also entails an additional 63.5mm usable depth v/s market offerings which can be used for higher depth servers and 60A PDUs.

    The critical power and cooling market is set to be worth 25.80 Billion USD by 2021 per a Markets and Markets report. A push towards digitization, coupled with cloud computing and intensified big data processing has led to an increase in demand for data canters. Subsequently, with increased demand for improved cooling efficiency in data centres’ and a need to reduce anomalies in power supply, thereby propelling the market for critical power and cooling across globe.

    Speaking on the launch, Jason Christie, MD – APAC Geist said, “We are thrilled to launch the new range of solutions that addresses the growing needs of our consumers. This is a golden period for the economy as business are entering into the digital era.”

    Smrutiranjan Das, Director – Avocent Business Vertiv India said, “In the digitized world, the infrastructure and operations leaders are more inclined towards adopting a hybrid IT infrastructure model that can deliver reliable, innovative and cost-effective solutions to the business in a timely manner.”

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