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    New OLT and ONU BER Measurements for 100G-EPON by Anritsu

    Anritsu Corporation (President Hirokazu Hashimoto) is launching its Signal Quality Analyzer MP1800A Series 100G-EPON*1 Test Solution on January 4, 2017.

    The newly developed 100G-EPON Application Software MX180014A and Signal Quality Analyzer MP1800A supports BER measurements of OLT*2 and ONU*3 for the latest 100G-EPON standard.

    [Development Background]
    Optical Access networks using Passive Optical Network (PON) technology are expanding due to the explosive increase in broadband services supporting 4K/8K video and other applications. Due to the recent growth in data traffic, optical Access networks are rapidly transitioning to high-speed 10-Gbit/s PON technology while simultaneously discussing adoption of the next-generation 100G-EPON standard (IEEE802.3ca) offering bit rates of 25 Gbit/s per signal. As a result, development of OLT and ONU units for PON systems requires both wideband 25-Gbit/s performance as well as more precise timing and margin measurements due to the shorter time per bit.

    [MX180014A for PON Test]
    The MP1800A is a plug-in modular Bit Error Rate Tester (BERT) for measuring a wide range of interfaces up to multichannel 32 Gbit/s. The MP1800A signal-source multichannel synchronization and skew adjustment functions are optimum for OLT tests requiring high-accuracy timing setting. In addition, high-reproducibility BER measurement is achieved by high-quality output waveforms and high input sensitivity performance.
    The MX180014A software controls the MP1800A to generate 2ch test-signal burst patterns*4 and set skew. OLT evaluation input sensitivity and timing tests are made easy by the GUI for setting test-signal pattern length and timing.


    • BER Measurement of 100G-EPON OLT/ONU
    • Multichannel Sync and Skew Adjustment Functions
    • High-reproducibility BER Measurements using High-quality Output Waveforms and High-input Sensitivity (10 mVtyp.)
    • Easy GUI for 2ch Test Signal Pattern Length and Timing Settings
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