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    New Fuse Blocks and Holders Eliminates Necessity to Compromise on Size to Get Higher Voltage Performance

    Littelfuse the global leader in circuit protection, on September 19, introduced multiple series of high-voltage Fuse Blocks and Fuse Holders designed for mechanical installation of fuses. Developed for applications from 400 volts to 600 volts, these new series include several fuse mounting alternatives to accommodate the mechanical design of the application. They are optimized for field servicing of equipment that is costly to move or for which downtime is unacceptable, while ensuring the safety of maintenance personnel by preventing electrical shocks when fuses must be replaced in the field. The new product series include:

    • 354, 254, and 520 Series OMNI-BLOK Fuse Blocks for 3AB/3AG, 2AG, and 5x20mm Fuses respectively
    • 356/359 Series Screw Terminal and Laminated Base Terminal for 3AG/3AB Fuses
    • 345 Series Shock-safe Circuit Board and Panel Mount Enclosed Fuse Holders for 3AG/3AB and 5x20mm Fuses
    • 150 Series In-Line Holders for 3AG/3AB FusesApplication areas include data centers (for UPSs and servers), building automation (for fan control systems, commercial HVAC), industrial power systems (for UPSs, voltage regulator modules, high power battery systems, and power distribution units and base station power supplies), and commercial appliances (such as air conditioners, commercial ventilation systems, drying and ironing rolling presses, and industrial washing machines).

      “These new higher voltage fuse blocks and holders offer the same miniature form factors as the lower voltage versions,” said Ben Zhang, Product Manager at Littelfuse. “This eliminates the need to compromise on size to get higher voltage performance.”

      The new Fuse Holders and Fuse Blocks offer a variety of key benefits:

    • High voltage ratings from 400V to 600V and multiple fuse placement options offer a complete fuse/holder solution for high voltage application requirements.
    • Wide operating temperature range (-40°C to 85°C) makes them suitable for use in a diverse variety of applications and harsh operating environments.
    • Halogen free, 100% lead-free and RoHS compliance provides designers with confidence that they are environmentally friendly and comply with global regulations.

      The Fuse Holders and Fuse Blocks are available in bulk in various quantities: 354 OMNI-BLOK Series—50 pieces, 254 OMNI-BLOK Series—100 pieces, 520 Metric OMNI-BLOK Series—1 piece, 356/359 Screw Terminal Laminated Base Terminal Series—10 pieces, 345 OMNI-BLOK Series—50 pieces, and 150 In-Line Fuse Holder Series—100 pieces. Sample requests may be placed through authorized Littelfuse distributors worldwide. For more information visit

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