Mysuru’s first EV charging station launched

    Mysuru’s first electric vehicle (EV) charging station was launched on the premises of the Chamundeshwari Electricity Supply Corporation’s (CESC) Corporate Office at Vijayanagar, near Hinkal.

    Charging infrastructure for zero-emission vehicles in the city is all set for an improvement as two more stations will come up short at Kuvempunagar and Rajendranagar. This comes at a time when the number of EVs are on the rise in Mysuru with the entry of new variants to market in both two-wheeler and four-wheeler categories.

    The CESC is planning to throw open more such charging stations as there is a big push from the government for vehicles run on green energy.

    CESC managing director Manohar M. Bevinamara, who inaugurated the charging station, said it had been established at a cost of ₹8 lakh. Energy Efficiency Services Ltd., an entity promoted by the Union Ministry of Power, which has an understanding with the CESC, has set up the station.

    “We have supported the initiative by giving our land for setting up the station. Our idea is to help develop more such stations across Mysuru to promote the use of green vehicles. If the charging infrastructure is developed, it drives people to think of going for EVs, which are eco-friendly, and save on fuel costs,” the CESC MD said.

    Mr. Bevinamara said three more locations had been identified for establishing charging stations.

    Vehicles can be charged for free for the first three months starting from Tuesday. Thereafter, charging will come for a cost as per the tariff fixed by the Karnataka Electricity Regulatory Commission (KERC).

    “It may cost around ₹8 a unit for charging at the station,” he said.

    Arguing that EVs are set to replace vehicles using fossil fuels as the cost works out cheaper, the CESC MD said, “An EV (depending on the kind of vehicle variant) with a charge of three to four units can run up to 100 km. For covering the same distance, one may need at least six litres of petrol or diesel. EVs with latest technology promising efficiency are being launched. This will encourage more to go for green vehicles.”

    Sources in the transport sector said electric cars for mobility were yet to catch up, unlike ‘green’ scooters whose numbers were seeing a sharp rise. “Infrastructure for faster charging on the go such as fuel stations is expected to boost the EV sector. If the gaps are filled, they are going to make an impact. The new guidelines are bound to encourage people to consider using electric vehicles,” sources said.

    ELE Times Research Desk
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