In Mouser House: Semtech’s IoT Development Kits with LoRa Wireless Technology

Mouser Electronics, Inc, is now stocking Internet of Things (IoT) development kits from Semtech. Designed to speed up the development and testing of IoT applications, Semtech’s IoT development kits take full advantage of LoRa technology, a disruptive wireless long-range technology delivering 10 times the range of competing solutions to help deliver dramatic performance improvements for industrial and consumer radio frequency (RF) wireless products.

Semtech IoT development kits, available from Mouser Electronics, are self-contained plug-and-play local loops for IoT object designers, enabling full verification and validation of connectivity to a public IoT network based on the LoRaWAN specification. The kits, available in multiple frequency bands ranging from 434 MHz to 922 MHz, are equipped with a MAC and a gateway chip set based on Semtech’s SX1301 baseband processor, which permits a long-range architecture with the capacity to handle tens of thousands of end-node sensors per gateway chip. The kits also include an SX127x transceiver chipsets embedded in sensors to provide long-range connectivity and low-power operation for longer battery life.

Semtech’s IoT development kits provide a cost-effective, low-power, and high capacity solution with the ability to connect hundreds of thousands of sensors over a variety of RF wireless applications. Each kit includes a Raspberry Pi single-board computer with a LoRa IoT shield unit and pre-installed micro SD card, an active GPS antenna, USB cables, a power adapter, and an example end-point (a LoRaMote or mbed shield unit) as a reference to confirm the kit’s functionality. Target IoT applications for the development kits include wireless networks, metering, security, asset tracking, and machine-to-machine (M2M) products.

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