Mouser Electronics Sponsors Matrix Summit 2022 in Bangalore

    Mouser Electronics Inc. is proud to be a silver sponsor for Matrix Summit 2022, the flagship annual event of The Indus Entrepreneurs Bangalore. Focused on Digital Next, Sustainable Growth and Future Tech, the global hybrid summit will be held on 24 and 25 May 2022 and is expected to draw a combined 3,000+ attendees at in-person events at Bangalore International Centre as well as through online participation across the globe. The event also features the Matrix 2022 Startup Awards, which recognize exceptional performance from companies that have operated for fewer than seven years.

    “Mouser is excited to participate in the Matrix Summit, which promotes innovation across a wide spectrum of next-generation technologies”, said Daphne Tien, Mouser Vice President, APAC Marketing & Business Development. “Mouser champions creativity and progress in emerging technologies by offering the latest products, tools, services and resources to expedite design, prototyping and validation”.

    Matrix Summit 2022 brings together more than 30 industry leaders and tech gurus to discuss accelerated adoption, role and ROI of today’s leading technologies — including the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), electric vehicles ecosystem, space, Web3 and 5G — across the industry, agriculture and health care markets. Mouser will have a presence both physically and virtually to engage with attendees.

    The two-day Matrix Summit is being conducted by the Matrix Forum, a think tank initiative of The Indus Entrepreneurs, the world’s largest nonprofit organisation for entrepreneurs. The Matrix Forum initiatives include meetups, thought leadership initiatives, mentorship, and engagement with corporations, partners and investors to evangelize phygital adoption.

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