MODEL KM-8070, “Absolute Press Meter, Sound Level Meter”

Model KM-8070 is an Absolute Pressure Measuring Device with 8units, (Pa, hPa, mba, mmH2O, mmhg, inHG, in H2O, psi). It is normally used to measure Absolute Pressure, e.g. for Pressure Compensation in Velocity Measurements in Ducts, Laboratories & Protection Processes Barometric measurements & Height measurements between two points are also possible. With Hold, MAX MIN and AVG Function. KM-8070 is widely used in HVAC Laboratories & Architecture Project.

With the company’s reputation for Quality Products, one can find that it is the most Economical Instrument for Pressure Meter. This Absolute Pressure Meter has a Display of 6Digits LCD Display, the parameters are Absolute/Barometer like Pa,hPa, mbar, mmH2O,mmHg, inHG, inH2O, psi.

The Resolution is 0.1hpa, 0.1 in H2O. Its Range is between 300 to 1200hPa, 120.4 to 481 in H2O. Its Accuracy is +-3.0Pa+-1.2 in H2O. It’s Humidity is less than 80%RH, with a sample rate of 1time/sec., Auto Power Off of about 20minues. Its Operating Environment is 0-50*C (32-122*F), 0 to 80%RH. It has a storage environment -20*C to 60*C (-4 to 140*C) & Humidity of 0 to 80%RH. The Accessories include Free 1.5V (AAABattery). Free Study Carrying Case, with Hardened Contoured Foam inside, Free Wrist Strap, Operation Manual & Cover.

For more details, contact : KUSAM ELECTRICAL INDUSTRIES LTD. G-17, Bharat Industrial Estate, T. J. Road, Sewree (W), Mumbai – 400015. Tel.: 022 – 24124540, 24181649 Fax : 022 – 24149659 Email :, Website:

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