Matrix VYOM – an Authenticated Multi-tenant Cloud based People Mobility Management Solution

Traditional applications often prove to be an inadequate solution in catering the needs of SMB and SOHO sized markets. Matrix, an established and award-winning manufacturer of Telecom and Security solutions, recently launched COSEC VYOM. It is a smartly designed cloud-based system that uses services deployed on a cloud server. COSEC VYOM reduces the cost of assets needed in the form of hardware, software, and network devices. It is specifically designed to provide cloud-based Time-Attendance and Access Control solutions that offer a superlative range of suppleness in attendance policies, integration and report generation. It also supports add-on modules such as Time-Attendance, Access Control, Employee Self Service, Visitor Management, Cafeteria Management, Field Visit Management, Job Processing and Costing and Contract Workers’ Management.

Key Features:

Scalability: COSEC VYOM is a modern age solution for complex organizations having multiple locations spread across geographic regions operating in different time zones. It encompasses one million users and 65,000 devices.

Intuitive: Managers/Supervisors/Employees can leverage the benefits of Time-Attendance and Access Control solutions with any internet enabled device(s) such as PCs, Macs, Tablets, and Smartphones.

Cost-effective: With minimum cost, COSEC VYOM provides maximum gain, as it requires no upfront investment. Moreover, it reduces the cost of assets needed in the form of hardware, software, and network devices.

Instant Access to Upgrades: COSEC VYOM is a smooth, independent solution that eliminates complexities of maintaining the server. It gives you the benefit of automatic and regular software upgrades.

Increased Productivity: COSEC VYOM automates all Time-Attendance and Leave Management process right from recording entries to report generation through real-time updates.

Easy Integration: It provides flexibility to export attendance by seamless integration with third-party payroll system. To secure your premises, COSEC VYOM allows easy integration with third-party hardware such as Video Surveillance, Turnstile, Boom Barrier, Tripod, and more.

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