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    In the Loving Memory: 4 Google Technologies that are No More With Us Today

    Monotony, like everything else, is mortal. So why not the technologies that were once reckoned as the future disruptors, holy grails, invincibles, has come to the full stop of the story today. In this series, “In the Loving Memory”, we will bring you some Highly hyped gadgets and technologies that are either obsolete today or has failed the expectation raised.

    Here we have a few of Google who could not save some of its kids. Here is an obituary to some of those:




    Google Glass: Maybe being ‘Explorers’ wasn’t that cool

    The hefty price wasn’t the only problem with Google Glass. The gadget is constantly emitting carcinogenic radiation so close to the head, with the direct contact with the skin, an argument devices like iPhone and Samsung Galaxy can do away with. With a built-in camera, that could record or take photos at any time, it came with serious privacy intrusion possibilities. Not to mention, the gadget was downright awkward to wear and look. To be called as “Explorers” wearing the gadget is seems a too middle school thing. With no clear idea on its practical use and host of issues carrying along, Google Glass turned out to be only a fit-as-a-concept-not-as-product gadget, going back to the warehouse.


    Google Talk: Silenced Forever

    GoogleRemember Google Talk aka GChat? Well if you haven’t noticed it around for some time now it is because it is gone and has been officially shut down around last year June. It saw the light of life for 12 long years. As we were offered to move to crisper messenger services like Hangouts, Google’s shutting off GChat brought some much-needed streamlining in its vast messenger app lineup. Nothing to worry as we still have to jump between Allo, Android Messages, and Hangouts from Google and of course the other more prominently used ones from other giants. It doesn’t really matter once it is gone these days.


    Google CardBoard: Too Old School

    Play phones made out of empty matchboxes was my childhood favourite toy and for me it was an amazing technology. But apparently kids these days are getting advanced and demands chic technology to play with. Google’s pizza-box VR tech box reminds me of the matchbox phones. What went wrong when it was all good with most pre-made models coming around $15, and going handily with any smartphone (iPhone included). Simply assemble the viewer using magnets, lenses, Velcro, cardboard and a rubber band and insert your smartphone as the screen that makes the badass VR set going.

    Yet Style matters, even if it is expensive. So does Google Daydream, the experience is delivered via a stylish, but comparatively expensive accessory (around $80) and it only works with Google’s latest Pixel phones. And thus, we know what is more cool. CardBoard, not really.


    CAPTCHA by Google: ‘ReCaptchaed”

    Black Mirror seasons are telling us about out dystopian future with too much technology. Popular Sci-Fiction warns us that it might be soon difficult to detect robot from the human. On virtual medium, Google applied the CAPTCHA method to tell away humans from robots on the internet, by asking us to enter a distorted code or word depicted on screen. But it is closed or rather revamped. CAPTCHA’s closure is said to be because it no longer provides an accurately way of telling humans and robots apart. Instead, Google has created an invisible version, reCAPTCHA, that monitors user browsing patterns to determine whether they are a human or robot.

    After acquiring reCAPTCHA in 2009, Google launched No CAPTCHA in 2014, an “I’m not a robot” checkbox that – if ticked – knows you’re not a robot. Google’s latest invisible reCAPTCHA removes this box entirely and instead monitors how you interact with websites.

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