Log9 Materials Join Hands with Indeanta Ventures for Rapid-charging Battery Technology

    Advanced battery-technology and deep-technology startup Log9 Materials today entered into a partnership initiated through a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with electric-mobility-as-a-service solutions provider Indeanta Ventures Pvt. Ltd. to provide Log9’s rapid-charging battery solution (RapidX batteries) to the latter’s 2 and 3 wheeler EV platforms.

    As a part of the strategic partnership, Log9 and Indeanta will be working together in synergy for the next 3 years to jointly deploy over 15,000 RapidEVs (including both 2-wheelers and 3-wheeler EVs) powered by Log9’s InstaCharge battery technology across various parts of India, including but not limited to cities like Bengaluru, Hyderabad, New Delhi, Pune, Chennai, and Kolkata. Out of these RapidEVs, a large majority will include cargo EV fleets used for logistics and last-mile delivery operations, the company statement said.

    The 3-Wheeler RapidEVs powered by Log9’s InstaCharge battery technology shall be deployed by Indeanta in the near future for their existing contracts with Porter, Flipkart, and Amazon among others, a company release said.

    Kartik Hajela, Co-Founder & COO, Log9 Materials said, ..the strategic partnership would also help to strengthen both companies’ market positioning and expansion for the short-term and enable them to scale across India and the world over the long term. Together Log9 and Indeanta hope to push to transform the delivery and logistics ecosystem of the nation towards a more responsible and sustainable model.”

    With this collaboration, Indeanta Ventures under the aegis of Log9’s Responsible Delivery Movement are attempting to accelerate e-mobility adoption for last-mile deliveries and thereby bring down transportation and logistics-related emissions intensity in India by up to 33% by 2030, the release stated.

    Aaron Dsouza, Founder & CEO, Indeanta Ventures said, “Through this partnership, Log9 will now be providing its climate-friendly and safe fast-charging batteries for our fleet of delivery 3-wheeler and 2-wheeler EVs.”

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