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    Launching new low power single-chip voice module for immersive conference application

    Nuvoton Technology Corporation announced that Beijing Twirling Inc. has launched a single-chip low-power voice module for immersive conference application based on the Nuvoton ISD94100 series device. The combination of ISD94100 low power consumption feature and the Beijing Twirling algorithm effectively ensure smooth and intelligent voice interaction capabilities, while reducing power consumption and production costs. The module is an ideal fit for battery-powered devices, and the application can be extended to various small portable conference products such as Bluetooth speakers and Bluetooth headsets, further enriching the IoT category and addressing real user scenarios to provide a more efficient and convenient user experience.

    Nuvoton ISD94100 series features:

    • Arm Cortex®-M4F, core speed up to 200MHz, 512KB flash memory and 192KB SRAM
    • PWM supports 6 channels with 16-bit resolution
    • Support USB FS 1.1 controller, compatible with USB FS 2.0
    • VAD for low power voice operation
    • Support 4 Digital MICs

    This low-power voice module supports easy expansion to work other modules, for example, it can be used with Bluetooth and WiFi module and can be implemented with multiple data communication protocols through interfaces such as USB. Covering a variety of application scenarios such as smart home and smart car, to meet the needs of different fields.

    Nuvoton Technology is a well-known global enterprise, which has always been committed to bringing more value to the Smart Home Audio products of its customers. Beijing Twirling Inc., a leading enterprise in the audio industry that integrates acoustic and artificial intelligence technology, has jointly launched a single-chip & low-power voice module for immersive conferences application; this module enables everyone’s voice to be captured clearly and accurately to be more vivid and interactive, while eliminating the interference of background noise, ensuring everyone can easily share and communicate with high voice quality content.

    The immersive voice module launched by Nuvoton Technology and Beijing Twirling Inc. supports three microphone array Ambisonic sound field acquisition. Ambisonic technology is widely used in immersive audio in recent years. It is the standard audio in VR / AR; it is also gradually supported in broadcasting, filming, and television industries, such as the MPEG-H agreement launched by the global standards organization. Some standards also have been defined in China Broadcasting System. Ambisonic has a powerful mode conversion function, which can simultaneously support traditional mono and dual-channel stereo sound transmission methods and can flexibly support all mainstream immersive audio formats such as 5.1 and 7.1 on the decoding side.

    The core features of Beijing Twirling Inc. immersive audio modules provide the leading algorithm module solutions necessary for conference communication such as noise reduction and echo cancellation.

    • Three microphones and two speaker outputs
    • Ambisonic technology in sound gathering
    • Support steady-state and unsteady-state noise suppression
    • Support single channel acoustic echo cancellation
    • Dynamic Blind Source Separation, beamforming
    • Automatic gain control to support far and near field voice capture
    • Support common heart-shaped, 8-shaped and other directional modes
    • Support USB interface

    Besides, Beijing Twirling Inc. also launched a more integrated mini microphone array voice pickup module, with an extremely compact microphone layout and USB interface, which provides an excellent Turnkey for mini microphone voice devices such as mobile phone expansion voice pickup accessories.

    • 4 x MEMS MIC
    • The radius of the array is only 6.5mm
    • Ambisonic technology in sound gathering
    • Includes TwirlingVoice speech processing algorithms: automatic gain control, noise suppression, beamforming, acoustic source allocation, etc.
    • Support horizontal 2D conventional audio processing and vertical 3D spotlight pickup mode, suitable for mobile live broadcast scenarios
    • Support voice wake up
    • Support common heart-shaped, 8-shaped and other directional modes
    • USB interface supported

    For more information, visit

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