Latest Precision Amplifier offers high input impedance with low input bias current

The ADHV4702-1 is a high voltage (220 V), unity-gain stable precision operational amplifier. It offers high input impedance with low input bias current, low input offset voltage, low drift, and low noise for precision demanding applications. The next generation of proprietary semiconductor processes and innovative architecture from Analog Devices, Inc., enable this precision operational amplifier to operate from symmetrical dual supplies of ±110 V, asymmetrical dual supplies, or a single supply of 220 V.

For precision performance, the ADHV4702-1 has a 170 dB typical open-loop gain (AOL) and a 160 dB typical common-mode rejection ratio (CMRR). The ADHV4702-1 also has a 2 μV/°C maximum input offset voltage (VOS) drift and an 8 nV/√Hz input voltage noise.

The exceptional dc precision of the ADHV4702-1 is complemented by excellent dynamic performance with a small signal bandwidth of 10 MHz and a slew rate of 74 V/μs. The ADHV4702-1 has an output current of 20 mA typical.


  • Wide range of operating voltages
  • Dual-supply : ±12 V to ±110 V
  • Asymmetrical supply operation : 24 V to 220 V
  • Wide input common-mode voltage range : 3 V from rails
  • High common-mode rejection ratio : 160 dB typical
  • High AOL : 170 dB typical
  • 6 V to 5.5 V output voltage
  • High slew rate
  • 74 V/µs typical
  • 24 V/µs typical with external input clamping diodes

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