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    IoT enabled Machine Controller That Integrates Control and Information

    Moving ahead with its product line expansion strategy, OMRON Automation the global leader in sensing & control + think technology, has launched NX1 series – a machine automation controller that boosts productivity while leveraging information in a manufacturing unit.

    The controller is engineered especially for the manufacturers to improve productivity and address manufacturing innovation challenges including strengthening of quality control and flexible safety measures.

    The solution is programmed to support next-generation requirements that need integration of control and information in an industrial set-up to further improve productivity and connectivity. It collects synchronized data from sensors, servomotors, and units mounted to the controller within the same fixed cycle saving the overall operation time, and at the same time executing high-speed data processing tasks.

    Commenting on the launch, Mr. Sameer Gandhi, MD, OMRON Automation, India, says, “Productivity and quality play an integral role in today’s manufacturing ecosystem which stands to be an essential component from a safety standpoint to easily and securely share information between manufacturing sites and host IT systems. By using the NX1 Series, OMRON strives to create a connected manufacturing site where customers can achieve productivity improvements, real-time traceability, full inspections, and enhancement of safety measures at the same time. This finds great utility in Food & Beverage, Pharmaceuticals and Automotive manufacturing industries. We will continue to keep our customers first by these value additions to our ‘largest-in-the-industry’ portfolio of world class industrial automation solutions”.

    Adding on to this Mr. Satyawrat Telang, Product Manager-PLC, Omron Automation, India, says “NX-1 is ‘The Solution in your Hand’. With the New Additional features in the PLC of up to 12 axes control via EtherCat (synchronous axis + PTP axis), 3 Built-in Industrial EtherNET ports and direct connection to the database and with no special unit, software, or middle ware required, NX1 is an all-in-one Controller for IoT solutions without compromising on machine motion control capabilities.”

    Key Features of the NX1-Series:

    Integration of control and information utilization ·Synchronized control of I/O and motion within 1 ms cycle time and motion control of up to 12 axes enable high-speed, high-precision control

    ·The built-in EtherNet/IP, EtherCAT, OPC UA, and database connection functionality allows use of information within and between machines, visualization of production status with MES/SCADA, traceability using SQL database, and other information utilization applications

    Integration of control and quality management ·Connected with the NX-HAD4 High-speed Analog Input Unit, the NX1 Series can simultaneously obtain analog data from four insulated channels at the industry’s fastest sampling speed of 5 µs

    ·Instead of previously used special inspection machines with built-in PC, this standard controller can be used for inspections such as vibration inspection of high-speed rotators, and enables the inspection process to be incorporated into a production line

    Integration of control and safety ·The NX1 Series connected with the NX-SL5 Safety CPU Unit integrates control and safety.


    The launch is in line with OMRON’s strategic concept for smart factories called as “innovative-Automation!” consisting of three innovations or “i’s”– “integrated” (control evolution), “intelligent” (development of intelligence by ICT), and “interactive” (new harmonization between people and machines). By doing so, OMRON continues to pursue remarkable enhancements in quality and productivity for the manufacturing industry.

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    ELE Times Research Desk
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