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    Industry Experts: Digital Transformation Paramount, Requires Security Rethink

    Radware, the NASDAQ listed global leader of application delivery and application security solutions for virtual, cloud and software defined data center held a multi city knowledge sharing meet with industry experts.

    The seminar was held across various cities; in Bangalore with the customers, In Mumbai, the audience were both customers and channel partners. Kolkata meet was exclusively for channel partners and Delhi saw both customers and channel partners joining the seminar. It was an educative, informative exercise and Radware hopes to hold many such events going forward as these platforms are crucial to discuss issues and share information pertaining to the Industry.

    David Hobbs, Security Evangelist from Radware APAC was the key speaker at the events. David talked about Darknet, the various characteristics of attacks, the changing motives of attackers in today’s world, volumes of attacks with IoT Bots and how attackers were making money using crypto currency. He also shared interesting anecdotes on rising of Ransom DDoS, how one could identify fake Ransom DDOS threats. David also talked about how organizations could handle Ransom DDOS threats without actually paying Ransom.

    “2016 saw compromised IoT devices which led to some of the largest DDOS attacks, and off late DDOS paradigm has shifted to Ransom DDoS and permanent DDoS. To fight these sophisticated attacks successfully, we need to move away from conventional security practices and bring in a new age Security Rethink into effect,” said David.

    Radware Event
    Suman Rayala, Head security sales India, Radware

    Suman Rayala, Head security sales India, Radware, was the other presenter and talked about security challenges of IoT infrastructure, applications hosted in public clouds and the challenges in meeting the digital transformation demands by organizations.

    Suman also touched upon the Importance of behavioral detection techniques so that organization can differentiate between flash crowds and attack traffic for accurate detection.

    “With Radware’s recent acquisition of Seculert, an automated attack detection platform, delivered as a service, organizations can benefit with Zero day malware detection and mitigation solution” Suman added. He concluded with how Radware Security services can bring true customer experience in the era of digital transformation.

    Talking at the Delhi Event, said Mr. Nikhil Taneja, Managing Director – INDIA, SAARC & Middle East, Radware, shared “As companies embrace technologies such as IOT, Cloud, Big Data and mobility, security should be more than an afterthought. Digital Transformation demands a radical new approach to security and the focus needs to shift from securing network parameters to safeguarding Cloud.”

    Nikhil laid importance on the need for investments from Public sectors in India to deploy advanced security solutions and shared how Radware can help them in identifying and deploying the right solutions. He also briefed the audiences on Radware’s delegation meeting in Israel that was held along with Indian Government to extend Israel security expertise in India by setting up local scrubbing center.

    “These meets that we conducted are needed for all stakeholders to come together to get to know and share knowledge and expertise on the current cyber-attack scenarios and discuss the survival strategies and how to mitigate the DDOS attacks hence on,” Nikhil further added.

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