Hardly Visible – Highly Functional

    Modern product and application engineering is supposed to wrap next-gen functionality in elegant and unobtrusive designs. This applies to a whole range of electronic devices – from various smart home or IoT applications to displays of whatsoever size and purpose.

    In this context, Panasonic Industry offers with its latest “Flat Square Type” now an interesting evolution of its successful PaPIRs motion sensor, coming with an inconspicuous flat and square 9.6mm x 9.6 mm lens that pleasantly hides the typical motion detector look.

    It extends the PaPIRs families EKMC (170µA) for battery-free and EKMB (1µA, 2µA and 6µA) for battery-operated devices. Mounted on walls, ceilings or corners with a typical detection distance of 5m, the digital versions have preset switching thresholds and are temperature compensated.
    Output “1” signals movement and “0” stands for no detection.

    The analogue sensor can be used whenever the sensitivity needs to be adjusted.

    With the entire sensor being as flat as 10.9mm and the amplifier circuitry being already integrated into the analogue PaPIRs, this latest member of the Panasonic Industry motion sensor family clearly outperforms conventional products on the market in terms of modern design efficiency and compatibility.

    Speaking of compatibility: Thanks to the uniform pinning of all EKM sensor variants, maximum flexibility in choice during the design-in process is ensured.

    Learn more on a new generation of particularly discreet sensor reliability

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