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    German Federal Network Agency (Bundesnetzagentur) Adopts Anritsu’s Base Station Simulators

    Anritsu Corporation is pleased to announce that Bundesnetzagentur (German Federal Network Agency) has adopted Anritsu’s Base Station Simulators for 5G/4G/IoT technologies as well as Bluetooth®/WLAN testers for EMC tests.

    As a government regulatory agency, the Bundesnetzagentur (Bnetza) is responsible for testing electronic devices for unwanted emissions, as well as undertaking customer protection duties.

    The TKG (German Telecommunication Law) sets limits on unwanted emissions. To keep these emissions in check, Bnetza conducts random tests of consumer electronics, investigating electromagnetic radiation which could harm the human body or interfere with the given standards or other electronic devices.

    This testing is a huge undertaking for Bnetza, which needs to check W-LAN routers, Bluetooth equipment and mobile phones of any brand, testing new technology like 5G alongside legacy technologies.

    Anritsu’s MT8000A, MT8821C, MT8862A, and MT8852B base station simulators as well as its Bluetooth/WLAN tester for 5G/4G/IoT/Bluetooth/WLAN wireless devices are contributing to Bnetza ’s telecommunications regulatory work. The Agency combines these Anritsu test solutions with an Over the Air (OTA) chamber and other EMC testers to perform EMC tests based on both ETSI’s and in-house regulatory test standards.

    Product Outline


    The Radio Communication Test Station MT8000A is an all-in-one 5G test platform supporting RF parametric and protocol tests, functional, and application tests, validation of beam characteristics, and more. It supports Non-Standalone (NSA) and Standalone (SA) mode base-station emulation functions for the development of 4G/5G chipsets and devices supporting both FR1 and FR2. The MT8000A is used widely for conducted and OTA tests to evaluate the performance of 4G/5G devices.


    The Radio Communication Analyzer MT8821C is a scalable LTE network simulator for RF parametric tests and verifying 2G/3G/4G smartphones, tablets, M2M modules, and IoT devices. It supports the latest 3GPP technologies, including VoLTE, Gigabit LTE, and Cellular IoT applications.


    The Wireless Connectivity Test Set (WLAN Tester) MT8862A measures the RF TRx characteristics of WLAN IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac/ax devices (2.4, 5, and 6-GHz bands). The Network mode with built-in WLAN signalling messages measures the TRx performance of connected devices, while the Direct mode supports a flexible protocol-free test environment.


    The Bluetooth Test Set MT8852B is the leading RF test equipment for design validation and manufacturing tests of Bluetooth products. It supports transmit power, frequency, modulation, and receiver sensitivity tests for the Basic Rate (BR), Enhanced Data Rate (EDR), and Bluetooth low energy (BLE) measurements required by the Bluetooth specifications. Devices on the production line can be tested in under 10 seconds by pressing one key.

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