First-Ever user conference to take place in India

    ManageEngine, the IT management division of Zoho Corp.,announced that its first-ever user conference in India will take place at the ITC Maratha in Mumbai on February 5-6, 2020.

    The event’s two keynote speeches will be delivered by Shailesh Davey, Co-Founder and Head of Engineering, and Rajesh Ganesan, Vice President. Davey will share his insights into the dilemma organisations face when undertaking digital transformation projects and identify top IT initiatives to tackle these challenges. Ganesan will highlight ManageEngine’s role in digital transformation and discuss how ManageEngine helps businesses unleash their IT potential.

    Explaining the decision to host the user conference in the country for the first time, Davey said, “India is among the top six markets for ManageEngine in the world. We have catered to over 9,000 customers across several verticals up to this point,” adding that the company has recorded a 25 percent year-over-year growth rate in 2019 in India.

    “Our user conferences have a lot to offer our customers. They get to meet the people behind the products, gain valuable insights that help them use our solutions optimally, and network with their peers,” said Davey. “Customers get the opportunity to share how they use our products, discuss the challenges they face, and provide input we use to develop even-better products.”

    Chandresh Dedhia, Head of IT, Ascent Health and Wellness Solutions Pvt. Ltd., said, “We have been a customer of ManageEngine for the past two years. I am delighted that the user conference is being held in India for the first time, as it provides the perfect platform for those like us who have been using their products to know the company a bit more and understand their approach to IT.”

    The exclusive two-day conference will offer detailed walk-throughs and live demonstrations of all major ManageEngine solutions, including ServiceDesk Plus, OpManager Plus, Applications Manager, Desktop Central, Mobile Device Manager Plus, its AD management suite, Site24x7, and Log360, amongst others.

    Furthermore, one-on-one sessions with domain experts will be available to ensure customers have the opportunity to get their questions answered personally.

    Participants can also take part in training sessions to increase their knowledge of the products, and they can take a test to get certified as a product associate by ManageEngine.

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