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    Exploring STMicroelectronics’ Tech Innovations for Electric Vehicle and Automotive

    Under the theme ” Smart solutions for e-Mobility,” ST showcased over 17 plus products and solutions highlighting the most recent advancements and innovations for connected, autonomous and electric mobility

    The automotive world witnessed a momentous event from November 2 to November 4, 2023, as the eagerly awaited Auto EV India 2023 unfolded at the esteemed KTPO in Bengaluru. This three-day extravaganza marked South Asia’s largest exhibition dedicated to automotive and electric vehicle (EV) technologies, drawing industry leaders, innovators, and enthusiasts alike. Among the standout contributors to this grand spectacle was STMicroelectronics, whose Booth A-5A showcased a myriad of cutting-edge technologies and products designed to shape the future of intelligent, secure, efficient, and sustainable EV solutions.

    Key innovative solutions at the Forefront:

    1. Battery Management System (BMS): A Technological Marvel

    One of the highlights at STMicroelectronics’ booth was their Battery Management System (BMS) solution tailored for automotive applications. The heart of this innovation lies in the highly integrated Battery Management IC L9963E and its companion isolated transceiver L9963T. This dynamic duo delivers unparalleled accuracy, enabling precise measurements of up to 14 cells in series. The mono or bi-directional daisy-chain configuration adds a layer of sophistication, complemented by advanced cell monitoring and diagnostic features.

    Critical to note is its compliance with the stringent Automotive Safety Integrity Level (ASIL) D standards, reflecting ST’s commitment to safety in electric vehicles. The comprehensive solution integrates seamlessly with the 32-bit Automotive MCU family, Power Management and system Basis ICs, VIPower Smart Switches, Protection Devices, and automotive EEPROM for Datalog. This holistic approach offers flexibility and support for automotive-grade Battery Management System design.

    The primary functions of the Battery Management System are threefold: preventing operations outside the safe operating area, monitoring the battery pack’s state of charge (SoC) and state of health (SoH) during charging and discharging, and optimizing battery performance through cell balancing. This optimization, in turn, enhances battery life and capacity, contributing to the efficiency and driving range of hybrid (HEV), plug-in (PHEV), and full electric vehicles (BEV).

    1. STPOWER ACEPACK DRIVE Family: Revolutionizing Traction Applications

    STMicroelectronics showcased the complete ACEPACK DRIVE power modules family, a game-changer in hybrid and electric vehicle traction applications. Comprising ACEPACK DRIVE, ACEPACK DRIVE DSC (Double Side Cooling), and ACEPACK DRIVE SSC (Single Side Cooling), these compact power modules integrate the latest SiC power MOSFET, IGBT, and diode technologies. Optimized for a power range from 100 to 300 kW with breakdown voltages up to 1200 V, they represent a significant leap in efficiency for electric vehicles.

    Adding to the innovation, STMicroelectronics presented an advanced galvanically isolated gate driver for EV traction inverters—the EVALSTGAP4S board. This board facilitates the evaluation of STGAP4S features while driving a power switch with a voltage rating of up to 650 V.

    Equipped with two SiC MOSFETs in an H2PAK-7 package in a half-bridge configuration, this board allows for the assessment of complex topologies. The integration of the STGAP4S drivers in an SPI daisy chain, coupled with a flyback power supply, showcases a forward-thinking approach to evaluating and enhancing EV traction inverters.

    In conjunction with the STEVAL-PCC009V2 and STSW-STGAP4 GUI, the EVALSTGAP4S board provides an accessible interface for customers to enable, configure, or disable all of the driver’s protection and control features through the SPI interface. This demonstrates STMicroelectronics’ commitment to providing not only cutting-edge technology but also user-friendly solutions that cater to the evolving needs of the industry.

    1. Insights from the Visionary: Mohammed Zeya WASE

    A pivotal moment during the AutoEV TechVision Summit 2023 was the keynote address delivered by Mohammed Zeya WASE, Group Manager India Power Discrete and Sub Analog at STMicroelectronics. WASE illuminated ST’s strategic approach to vehicle electrification, offering invaluable insights into silicon-carbide technologies the bedrock of modern electric vehicles.

    In his address, WASE outlined how STMicroelectronics’ SiC semiconductor solutions are playing a crucial role in shaping the landscape of critical EV power systems. Notably, these solutions contribute significantly to efficiency gains in charging stations, a key factor in the widespread adoption of electric vehicles.

    Conclusion: Shaping the Future of Mobility

    Auto EV India 2023, with STMicroelectronics at the forefront, has not just been an exhibition it has been a glimpse into the future of mobility. The showcased innovations in Battery Management Systems and power modules for electric vehicles underscore the industry’s commitment to advancing technology for a sustainable and efficient automotive future.

    As we reflect on the strides made at Auto EV India 2023, it’s clear that the event has been a catalyst for change. The collaborative efforts of industry leaders, coupled with visionary insights from speakers like Mohammed Zeya WASE, have set the stage for a new era in electric mobility. The technologies unveiled not only push the boundaries of what’s possible but also address the practical challenges of safety, efficiency, and user-friendliness.

    The road to a greener and more electrified future is paved with innovation, and Auto EV India 2023 has undoubtedly accelerated our journey down that path. The holistic approach of STMicroelectronics, from Battery Management Systems to power modules, reflects the multifaceted nature of the electric vehicle revolution. As we move forward, these advancements will not just drive vehicles but will drive the transformation of the entire automotive landscape into a more sustainable and eco-friendly realm. The countdown to a future dominated by electric vehicles has well and truly begun.

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