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    Expanded Semiconductor Assembly and Test Facility Database Tracks OSAT and Integrated Device Manufacturers in 670 Facilities, SEMI and TechSearch International Report

    New edition of database tracks 33% more facilities and highlights advanced packaging and factory certifications

    The new edition of the Worldwide Assembly & Test Facility Database expands coverage to 670 facilities, 33% more than the previous release, including 500 outsourced semiconductor assembly and test (OSAT) service providers and 170 integrated device manufacturer (IDM) facilities, SEMI and TechSearch International announced today. The database is the only commercially available listing of assembly and test suppliers that provides comprehensive updates on packaging and testing services offered by the semiconductor industry.

    The updated database includes factory certifications in critical areas such as quality, environmental, security and safety as well as data reflecting automotive quality certifications obtained by each site. The new edition also highlights advanced packaging offerings by each factory, defined as flip chip bumping and assembly, fan-out and fan-in wafer-level packaging (WLP), through silicon via (TSV), 2.5D and 3D capability.

    “Understanding the location of legacy packaging as well as advanced packaging and test is essential to effective supply-base management,” said Jan Vardaman, President at TechSearch International. “The updated Worldwide Assembly & Test Facility Database is an invaluable tool in tracking the packaging and assembly ecosystem.”

    “The database increases its focus on advanced packaging while highlighting conventional packaging capabilities and new test capabilities to support innovations in key end markets including automotive,” said Clark Tseng, Senior Director of SEMI Market Intelligence.

    Combining the semiconductor industry expertise of SEMI and TechSearch International, the Worldwide Assembly & Test Facility Database update also lists revenues of the world’s top 20 OSAT companies and captures changes in technology capabilities and service offerings.

    Covering facilities in the Americas, China, Europe, Japan, Southeast Asia, South Korea and Taiwan, the database highlights new and emerging packaging offerings by manufacturing locations and companies. Details tracked include:

    • Plant site location, technology, and capability: Packaging, test, and other product specializations, such as sensor, automotive and power devices
    • Packaging assembly service offerings Ball grid array (BGA), specific leadframe types such as quad flat package (QFP), quad flat no-leads (QFN), small outline (SO), flip-chip bumping, WLP, Modules/System in Package (SIP), and sensors
    • New manufacturing sites announced, planned or under construction

    Key Report Highlights

    • The world’s top 20 OSAT companies in 2022 with financial comparisons to 2021, as well as preliminary comparisons to 2023
    • 150-plus facility additions compared to the 2022 report
    • 200-plus companies and more than 670 total back-end facilities
    • 325-plus facilities with test capabilities
    • 100-plus facilities offering QFN
    • 85-plus bumping facilities, including more than 65 with 300mm wafer bumping capacity
    • 90-plus facilities offering WLCSP technology
    • 130-plus OSAT facilities in Taiwan, more than 150 in China, and more than 60 in Southeast Asia
    • 50-plus IDM assembly and test facilities in Southeast Asia, about 45 in China, nearly 20 in Americas and more than 12 in Europe
    • More than 30% of global factories offering advanced packaging capabilities in one of the following areas: flip chip bumping and assembly, fan-out and fan-in WLP, TSV, 2.5D and 3D

    Worldwide Assembly & Test Facility Database licenses are available for single and multiple users. SEMI members save up to 25% on licenses. Download a sample of the report and see pricing and ordering details.

    For more information on the database or to subscribe to SEMI market data, visit SEMI Market Data or contact the SEMI Market Intelligence Team (MIT) at

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