EnWrist: EVM’s Breakthrough Entry into the Competitive Smartwatch Industry

    Embracing the era of digitization, EVM, a leading Mumbai-based computing and mobility products vendor, proudly presents its latest innovation, the EnWrist smartwatch. Developed by Hundia Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd., the brand owners of EVM, the EnWrist redefines the concept of wearable technology, combining cutting-edge features with a captivating design.

    Introducing EVM EnWrist – Reliability on your Wrist

    The EnWrist by EVM showcases an elegant and sophisticated design, making it a perfect accessory for any occasion. With its sleek curves and attention to detail, the EnWrist is not just a smartwatch, but a fashion statement in itself, blending seamlessly with the wearer’s personal style.

    Featuring a vibrant 1.96″ full touch display, the EnWrist ensures exceptional visibility and intuitive navigation. Its state-of-the-art technology integrates advanced health tracking capabilities, empowering users to take control of their well-being. With 130 different sports modes, including cycling, football, cricket, badminton, and more, the EnWrist caters to the needs of both sports enthusiasts and casual fitness seekers, providing personalized metrics and insights to enhance performance.

    One of the standout features of the EnWrist is its waterproof design, with an impressive IP67 rating. To enhance the convenience of making calls, the EnWrist incorporates features such as the Quick Dial Pad, enabling users to effortlessly initiate calls with a simple touch on their wrist. The smartwatch also boasts a powerful battery that offers extended usage time, catering to the demands of an active lifestyle without frequent recharging.

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    The EnWrist’s TFT screen features an adjustable LCD light and sensors that allow quick viewing of the screen by simply raising or flipping the wrist 90 degrees. Users have the freedom to customize their watch face with personal photos or scenic landscapes. The watch not only provides notifications for phone calls, SMS, and alarms but also includes a ‘Do Not Disturb‘ mode to ensure uninterrupted focus.

    EVM’s EnWrist delivers a superior user interface experience while maintaining a comfortable fit on the wrist. Its sleek design and curved edges make it the perfect fashion accessory,” said Vishal Hundia, CEO of EVM. “Our brand philosophy revolves around developing products that cater to specific needs, and our smartwatch range, TWS, and home audio devices are our efforts to reflect the same. We continuously strive to meet the aspirations of new Indians.”

    Compatible with both Android and iOS, the EnWrist smartwatch features an AI Voice Assistant and an upgraded health suite, including SpO2, Sleep, Stress, and Heart Rate Monitor, as well as a menstrual health tracker-an invaluable addition in the post-COVID era where health takes center stage. Moreover, the EnWrist’s Breath Mode provides a calming experience on hectic days.

    EnWrist boasts additional features such as a remote camera control and music player for enhanced accessibility. It also offers app notification alerts to keep users informed about important calls, weather forecasts, timers, and a stopwatch to track activities.

    In line with Hundia Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd.’s unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, the EnWrist comes with a generous one-year warranty and a complimentary ‘Free pickup & drop‘ service. With a network of 500 strategically located service centers across the country, customers can expect hassle-free after-sales support.

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