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    EEJA to Exhibit at 37th INTERNEPCON JAPAN

    EEJA Ltd. which operates TANAKA Precious Metals’ plating business, announced that it would exhibit at the 37th INTERNEPCON JAPAN, the electronics packaging, and manufacturing exhibition to be held at Tokyo Big Sight on January 25–27, 2023.

    Exhibiting at INTERNEPCON JAPAN for the first time in four years, EEJA will premiere four new products related to plating technologies and processes. Together, they will help meet rising needs in the electronics industry, such as expanded data bandwidth in communications environments and improved durability of e-vehicle electronic components and semiconductors.

    SEADCAT200 series

    This will be EEJA’s first exhibition at INTERNEPCON JAPAN since 2019, and the technologies in demand have become increasingly sophisticated in recent years. Taking advantage of precious metals technologies acquired by TANAKA Precious Metals over many years in the industry, EEJA develops and provides the plating technologies and products that are essential in the electronics industry, from semiconductors to electronic components. To meet the diverse and ever-changing needs of customers, the company is constantly researching and developing new plating characteristics and high-productivity processes tailored to each application. EEJA will exhibit four new plating technologies at INTERNEPCON JAPAN, together with plating equipment capable of handling increasingly high-density wafers. With the increasing demand for greater sophistication in the electronics industry, these new offerings not only meet diverse needs but will contribute to further technical innovations as well.

    Here is a list of EEJA’s products
    Product name Overview
    PRECIOUSFAB Pt2000/HP3000: High hardness, high corrosion resistance platinum and platinum alloy plating process (New Product) A plating process that achieves high reliability when used for surface treatment of contact parts of connectors that need durability and environment resistance, such as for in-vehicle applications
    AC FAB Au-IAG1000: Direct palladium non-cyanide electroless gold plating process (New Product) A plating process that enables process simplification and high-quality film formation that controls corrosion when applied to nickel, palladium, and gold plating processes used in surface treatment of semiconductor package parts
    MICROFAB Au2108/Au2168: Non-cyanide gold electroplating process with improved stability of hardness and appearance (New Product) A plating process that can improve product yields and reliability through stable appearance and hardness when forming gold bumps on increasingly fine-pitch and high-density wafers
    SEADCAT200 series: Direct patterning plating technology (New Product) A plating technology that supports more material types than the SEADCAT100 series

    SEADCAT PRM200-MRG: Increased adhesiveness to LCPs and some fluororesins, with improved heat and moisture resistance

    SEADCAT PRM200-MDI: Reduced copper diffusion through heat treatment after copper wire formation on polyimides

    RAD-Plater: Plating system for development and experimentation (Plating Equipment) A system that improves in-plane distribution when pattern plating on high-density wafers, with support for a wide range of wafers, from memory redistribution to MEMS


    Refer to the following for detailed information on other plating processes and equipment.

    Plating Processes

    Plating Equipment

    Plating equipment is handled by group company Mitomo Semicon Engineering Co., Ltd.

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