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    Discover MacDermid Alpha’s innovative integrated solutions that are energizing the battery and power electronics materials at The Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo, Novi

    (Waterbury, CT USA) September 8, 2023 – MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions, a leading provider of integrated materials and technologies for the electronics industry, will be at The Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo 2023 in Novi from September 12 and 14. Engage the industry experts at booth 1411, where they will showcase their latest integrated material solutions. Visitors can discover, using data-driven models, how MacDermid Alpha solutions enhance electric vehicles’ range and reliability by optimizing inverter power and enabling increased battery efficiency.

    Powerful solutions when performance matters

    “Our team anticipates this show, where we have the opportunity to meet automotive engineers and designers and offer guidance on material technology selection to improve EV efficiency,” says Chris Klok, Director of Vehicle Electrification Technology. Chris continues by highlighting the topics MacDermid Alpha will cover. He mentions the importance of efficient thermal management, “It is about microns and millimeters. Thermal interface materials not optimized can easily be displaced by vibrations or temperature changes. Our expertise in this area helps engineers and designers make the optimal choice.” Moving on to the battery management system, Chris emphasizes the need for ’high-reliability solder alloys’ in applications where solder is the preferred choice. In the realm of powertrain consideration, he points out that “the shift from silicon-based power modules to advanced alternatives like silicon carbide is revolutionizing the industry and requires sintering as the joining technology. This change dictates the use of our Argomax® silver-sintering as the assembly technology,” Chris concludes by highlighting: “Our solutions are also used in charging infrastructure, where integrated materials extend component life and charging efficiency. In fact, we have just launched RELIANCE – our Reliability Enhancement Tool – Powered by Integrated Solutions Data Matrix which clearly demonstrates optimum material choice selections.

    The MacDermid Alpha team looks forward to meeting show visitors at booth 1411, to demonstrate RELIANCE – Reliability Enhancement Tool, share insights, collaborate, and shape the future of electric vehicles together.

    The Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo co-located with The Battery Show in North America brings together engineers, business leaders, and top industry companies to discuss technologies and innovations that are influencing the future of electric vehicles. Visiting the MacDermid Alpha booth at this show is an opportunity to explore enabling material technologies surrounding EV battery applications.

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    About MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions

    MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions, a prominent division of Element Solutions Inc, holds a distinguished position as a global leader in the field of fully integrated materials. They empower manufacturers worldwide to enhance their performance, reliability, and sustainability. Their expertise is segmented into three vital divisions:

    • Circuitry Solutions: MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions pioneers advanced specialty chemical and material technologies tailored to meet the circuitry demands of the electronics industry.
    • Semiconductor & Assembly Solutions: They specialize in delivering cutting-edge solutions for semiconductors and assembly processes, driving innovation and reliability in these critical sectors.
    • Film & Smart Surface Solutions: With a focus on materials and technologies for films and smart surfaces, MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions is at the forefront of transforming the future of electronics.

    With a legacy spanning over a century of innovation, MacDermid Alpha has garnered the trust of manufacturers spanning more than 50 countries.

    What sets MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions apart is its unique ability to promptly deliver high-quality solutions and provide technical services that comprehensively cover the entire electronics supply chain. They are actively shaping industries such as automotive, consumer electronics, mobile devices, telecom, data storage, and infrastructure.

    For those seeking to power their path to success in the electronics industry, MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions offers an exceptional opportunity. Join them on their journey of innovation and excellence.

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