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    Diode’s High-Frequency Gate Drivers

    Diodes’ DGD05473 high-frequency gate driver is capable of driving N-channel MOSFETs.Image of Diodes' DGD05473 High-Frequency Gate Driver The floating high-side driver is rated up to 50 V. The device logic inputs are compatible with standard TTL and CMOS levels (down to 3.3 V) to interface easily with MCUs. UVLO for high- and low-side protects a MOSFET from supply loss. To protect MOSFETs, cross-conduction prevention logic prevents the HO and LO outputs from being on at the same time. Fast and well-matched propagation delays allow a higher switching frequency enabling a smaller, more compact power switching design using smaller associated components. To minimize space, an internal bootstrap diode is included. The DGD05473 operates over an extended temperature range of -40°C to +125°C and is available in a U-DFN3030-10 package.


    • 50 V floating high-side driver
    • Drives two N-channel MOSFETs in a half-bridge configuration
    • 1.5 A source/2.5 A sink output current capability
    • Internal bootstrap diode included
    • Undervoltage lockout for high- and low-side drivers
    • Delay matching maximum of 5 ns
    • Propagation delay typical of 20 ns
    • Logic input (HIN, LIN, and EN) 3.3 V capability
    • Ultra-low standby currents: less than 1 μA
    • Extended temperature range: -40°C to +125°C
    • Lead-free and RoHS compliant
    • Halogen- and antimony-free, “green” device
    • Qualified to AEC-Q101
    • PPAP capable
    • Available in U-DFN3030-10 package


    • Motor controls
    • Battery-powered hand tools
    • DC/DC converters
    • E-cigarette devices
    • Class-D power amplifiers
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