Digital IC’s ready for high temperature, frequency and power :Diamond Transistors

    Diamond has high carrier mobility, a high breakdown electric field and high thermal conductivity. Therefore, it is a promising material to be used in the development of current switches and integrated circuits that are required to operate stably at high-temperature, high-frequency, and high-power. However, it had been difficult to enable diamond-based MOSFETs to control the polarity of the threshold voltage, and to fabricate MOSFETs of two different modes―a depletion mode (D mode) and an enhancement mode (E mode)―on the same substrate. The research group has successfully developed a logic circuit equipped with both D- and E-mode diamond MOSFETs after making a breakthrough by fabricating them on the same substrate using a threshold control technique developed by the group.

    The research group identified the electronic structure in the interface between various oxides and hydrogenated diamond using photoelectron spectroscopy in 2012. The research group then succeeded in developing a diamond MOS (metal-oxide-semiconductor) capacitor with very low leakage current density and an E-mode hydrogenated diamond-based MOSFET in 2013 after going through many difficulties. The group then prototyped logic circuits by combining diamond-based MOSFETs with load resistors in 2014. Finally, the group developed techniques to control D- and E-mode characteristics of diamond-based MOSFETs and identified the control mechanism in 2015. A series of these R&D accomplishments were introduced in AIP publishing news by the American Institute of Physics. These previous efforts led to the success made in this research project.

    The logic circuits with diamond-based transistors are promising devices to be used in the development of digital integrated circuits that are required to stably operate under extreme environments such as high-temperature as well as exposure to radiation and cosmic rays.

    Source: Sciencedaily


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