Digi-Key and Truphone to Host Webinar on eSIM Technology for IoT

    Digi-Key Electronics has collaborated with Truphone, a world leader in global connectivity, to host a free virtual webinar on Wednesday, Dec. 8, at 11 a.m. CST to showcase the power of eSIM technology and how it helps IoT devices connect quicker and more efficiently.

    An eSIM is not simply a new SIM, it’s an entirely new way to connect. Developed by the GSMA and already widely accepted by the telecommunications market, eSIM is the new standard in SIM card technology. A rewritable chip built directly onto the device, the eSIM brings wide-ranging benefits to consumers, enterprises and IoT solutions.

    The webinar will cover the importance of cellular connectivity for IoT, including:

    • Cellular markets, coverage, and interoperability
    • The power of eSIM as “the next big thing”
    • Benefits of eSIM for device makers
    • How to get to market fast – provision and deploy new devices

    “By collaborating in partnerships across the ecosystem, the barriers to large-scale international IoT adoption can be broken down, making it simpler for customers to harness the power of eSIM,” said Steve Alder, chief business development officer at Truphone. “Together, Truphone and Digi-Key are focused on delivering a comprehensive, flexible, end-to-end solution for businesses of all sizes and ensuring that eSIM technology is being used to its full benefit.”

    “Digi-Key is proud to be a global distribution leader in offering innovative new connectivity solutions,” said Robbie Paul, director, IoT business development at Digi-Key. “Truphone’s eSIM has the power to revolutionize cellular connectivity for IoT devices around the world, and we are excited to bring that to light.”

    For more information about Truphone and to order from their product portfolio, please visit the Digi-Key website

    Mohit Sharma
    ELE Times News
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