Company Watch: A Solar Marketplace, Loom Solar

Here is article nine in ELE Times’ Company Watch Series.

Loom Solar, a solar marketplace based out of Faridabad, Haryana turns 1 year old today. Sharing the highlights of journey, Amol Anand Co-founder said, “We are on the right direction to become India’s most popular brand in solar by 2020, More than a million people has seen us on YouTube. We have added 500 solar entrepreneurs, 2,000 homes are solar powered by us and as the summer is coming up, we have started getting more than 300 enquiries to make Homes, Shops and Offices solar powered every day.”

“Our future is looking promising. We are targeting to achieve a sales revenue of 100 cr by 2020. To do this, Loom Solar become a product company by launching solar photo voltaic module and solar panel stand under Loom Solar brand. Our Solar PV modules are made of latest technology.  It is a mono crystalline panel that generates power in cloudy weather and low light. We are offering solar PV modules from 10 watts to 340 watts. The solar panel stand is long lasting made of galvanized iron, it is portable, universal in design to hold any make and size of solar panels,” he added.

The panels comes with a 25 years warranty, 5 Bus bar technology, PID resistant, and RoHS compliant which means, there is no component used in PV modules which impacts human life.

The technology offered here is rarely available to Indian consumers according to the company’s officials. The firm also told ELE Times that at present, Loom Solar ships more than 1 MW Solar Panels to Retail customers across 700 cities in India.

For more information on Loom Solar, visit their website.