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    Best Power Equipments (BPE) Launches Nrgx 5000 UPS with Li-ion Battery

    India’s leading power manufacturing brand, Best Power Equipments (BPE) adds yet another revolutionary product in its slew of offerings. The company has launched model Nrgx 5000 UPS with Li-ion Battery (ESS) for both home & small businesses. The power solutions giant has come up with a robust UPS that covers all aspects of home, office & small businesses power needs.

     Nrgx 5000 UPS is ideal for homes, retail shops and small business. This product is called ESS, (Energy Storage Solution) launching 5KV solutions upto Megawatt. The products will be catering to the requirements of Tier 1,2,3 cities and towns across India.

    Nrgx 5000 UPS, ESS category
    5-year warranty
    High energy on wheels (5kVA UPS, Li-ion battery, 1-hour back-up)
    Full LCD display with the power flow diagram
    High-efficiency UPS (On-line mode 94%, ECO mode 99%
    Plug & play unit, Easy installation
    Fast charging, 0-100% within 2-hrs, Parallel expansion up to 20kVA
    wide input voltage range (110V-300V AC)
    3 units can be connected & configured as 3:3 Phase

    Speaking on the launch, Amitansu Satpathy, Managing Director – BPE commented, “We aim to address the varied needs of our customers by making best in class products. Our new addition will be a great option for small businesses or homes. With a product that revolves around seamless electrical management of your entire household, we are strategically moving towards building products catering to different categories.

    The products are available Pan-India through their distributors IRIS Computers and Ingram.

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